PFT Failure

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ilovethegloriuscorps, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Can someone please tell me what the correct procedure is regarding someone failing a PFT. I am particularly interested in what discipline action can be taken against an individual and when these actions can be made. Many thanks in advance.
  2. they have seven days to take a re-test if they fail again they go on red sqaud and a three month bender, thats what my lot do anyway
  3. Can a soldier be discharged for failing the gender fair MATT 2 PFT test?

    The PFT is a gender and age fair test which means that individuals pass at different levels. The failure of this test cannot be used as the sole reason for discharge. However, the inability to pass can be used as supporting evidence of an individual’s lack of capability or poor attitude and self motivation. The remedial process, guided by a PTI, will enable a medically fit soldier to pass the PFT.
  4. Oh how i wish that everyone kicked up a fuss for ALL MATTs like they do PFTs if they did and they had this disciplinary process as when failing a MATT = Kicked out there would be half the Army on the dole.
  5. i do agree
    what about people who can not shoot to save a ducks life
    what about people who cant even pass the basic of CBRN drills & skills
    you never see any one shouting about them at all
  6. Thats because the CoC arent actually bothered about MATTs theyre bothered if people are fit or not.
  7. Therefore if a soldier attends all remedial PT sessions and still cannot pass after the alloted period is it deemed the PTIs fault?
  8. If he attends the PT sessions and fails then he either has a medical condition or is eating lots of pies / drinming lots of beer!

    Your health / fitness is a personal responsibility in or out of the Army