PFT failure means end of deployment

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Fighting_Jack_Churchill, May 11, 2007.

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  1. One of my boys has failed his PFT run within half a minute. The CoC has seen, in it's infinite wisdom to sack this chap off of a deployment planned for the next few weeks. Now this chap has the capability certainly and I had every confidence in him to pass before deployment was due.

    He has since stated that he wishes to seek advice in terms of discrimination against him since there are others deploying, apparently, that are not achieving the same standards. What occurs in this instance?
  2. 1. You train your soldiers properly before they deploy.
    2. He hands his kit in if he can't pass the most basic of fitness tests.
    3. The CoC is no longer burdened with an unfit for role soldier who could be a liability to himself and others.
    4. The where there is blame there is a claim compensation culture seems more important to this "soldier" than getting out and doing fitness training. Says something about his character doesn't it?

    Get fit or get out! waster, :evil:
  3. Transfer him to the navy. I hear that they are recruiting for boarding parties. Can he manage a trot twice round the quarter deck and eat a pie afterwards?
  4. And there you have the perfect reason why high quality personnel are leaving; rigid, unthinking application of rules without context. You are the one who should reconsider their employment in this modern army.
  5. Thank you green_slime I bow to your operational and combat experience. Guess your name says it all really. I assume you are also an unfit waster or serving in a unit that has a few of them. How can people be high quality if they can't even pass a basic fitness assessment? Would you be happy deploying unfit soldiers on operations? If you would I suggest you reconsider your employment in this modern army. :D
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sorry G_S but I agree with him. This soldier has been warned off for ops but has failed to get his most basic of skills to the required standard. There is another thread on here concerning a TA soldier who died in Iraq - his lack of fitness was quoted as a contributory factor. Would you suggest that this is ok for this soldier, and that we send him somewhere he is highly likely to struggle to acclimatise?

    Is he really high quality if he cannot pass the basic tests? Not in my book.
  7. Hang on, if not passing a PFT meant you wouldn't deploy, wouldn't more people be eating pies and smerking tabs, instead of taking E's and hoping they get caught by CDT?
  8. I know several soldiers who have failed their fitness tests and deployed. I also know several who have promoted to SNCO status who also fail basic fitness tests. Says a lot about the integrity of the promotional system doesn't it?
    The flip side of the coin is that fitness in most trades is not the be all and end all. If the proper procedures were followed for all those who failed fitness tests and ultimately admin discharges were applied for, the army would be even more under-manned. The real world sucks sometimes!
  9. i serve in a inf unit and if every man jack who failed PFT,CFT, etc was not deployed i think at least 10% would miss out on all the fun, ive known many blokes who could not run to save they lives but could tab till the cows come home, dont get me wrong all soldiers need a high fittness level but being able to run 1.5 m in 10mis 30 secs is not the end of the world.
  10. Thats very wrong he should still deploy as most units take people with them now days who are down graded, these people don't even know where the gym is but are still aloud to deploy
  11. Although a once very fit person there have always been those who can sprint and are jack shiit at all else...

    If that's his only downfall fight his corner.... you're his boss, stand up for him if he is worth it!
  12. Every one brings something to the party.....


    .....I took a Herfy handbag and a supersize bottle of Baileys :D
  13. Fail.

    Off you go son, off to Rear Party 1 Bn Bad Manners, and stag on for 6 months.

    Go on, run away.

    Oh I forgot, you can't.
  14. i'm permanently downgraded due to severe knee problems sustained in service - i can hardly run without severe arthiritic pain, can not do an 8:21 PFT any more and can look forward only to double knee replacement surgery.

    i'm still good at my job and deployable. i would suggest you open your eyes to how widely people can be employed in the army, even if they can not / no longer pass a fitness test - whatever the reason. something like 11% of the army are downgraded. do you want to leave them all behind, or would you rather we tried to pull our weight and volunteer for ops along with everyone else?

    i'm sure there are people minus arms and legs from ops, still serving, who would be willing to explain to you that they are still high quality and employable too.

    (by the way - just because the name green_slime suggests you are likely to have more combat experience than him, doesn't mean you are in a position to disparage his operational experience, does it? bearing in mind the high deployment ratio of the int corps, that was a bit of a childish and ill-considered snipe. :D )
  15. Downgraded personnel have my every sympathy. They will generally have been passed as fit to deploy by the MO prior to deployment so they and their CoC know what they can be employed to do. In many cases the same as their FE peers.

    A fat waster who can't / won't pass a PFT because he spends his lunchtimes lying on his bed watching TV with his boots on drinking cherryade and flicking fag ash into an aluminium pie dish balanced on his belly is another matter.

    Last year we deployed with an AGC clerk so fat that he broke his leg getting out of bed. Think about that for a moment. He was a burden to himself, to his comrades, to the med centre, to the CASEVAC system. If I had anything to do with the case he would have been on a 3 month bender as soon as he started bloating.

    He had been allowed to get there through his own idleness and an unwillingness of his CoC to enforce basic MATT standards.

    Instead of trying to blame somebody else for not being able to deploy maybe he should have a look at his fat sweaty self in the mirror and stop being a disgrace. Anybody can pass a PFT. Some find it harder than others physically and some people are just mentally weak turds who need the CoC to be on top of them all the time to ensure that they maintain the most basic of standards.