Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by COMBOPEN, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Evening all, I wonder if someone can shed anylight on a much worn subject. yes I have done a 'search' but all the subjects re above date back to 07. I have also searched Army net and can only find the letter from LAND date 2006!!!!

    Anyway having just completed my MATTS weekend for this year with my specialist unit, I dipped my PFT :oops: (by a measly 20 secs).. This was after picking up an injury on the CFT which I passed. I kept my mouth shut, bruffened up and tried to get on with it. :x
    Anyway as my unit is 300 miles away from were I live, I am now injured and I am unlikely to be able to undertake another PFT before April 09. My question is thus ;

    Is it still the case that my bounty will be paid even though I dipped my PFT? I know previous 'old' posts state PFT was just an attempt and due to its discriminatory timings towards men and women could not be used as an excuse NOT to pay the bounty if a soldier failed.
    Have the rules changed at all? Or is the PFT still an 'attempt' only?
    Any help would be much apprecited as its a lot of money at stake...cheers... :?
  2. It's still just an attempt, that may or may not change next training year.
  3. Thanks for quick reply have you got any links to official instructions (recent) to this so as i can correct the SPSI who was being a right w@nker about it, he tried to 'hang out' of me till I told him I had never failed a PFt before, I was injured and were was the pre test structured 'induction' for over 40's, I'm 43.
    despite my OC being not that arrsed in fact he said 'I dont care who you get to re-test you all i need is the chit' .......
  4. This year is last time that pft is an attempt. from april 09/10 it becomes a must pass.
    too many people turning up for operations unable to pass pft. so it has been brought back in as a pass to qualify for bounty.
  5. Try and get to your nearest RTC their RTW should be able to help you out.
  6. Help me out with ? will they be able to clarify the rules etc etc. TBH I'm pretty p1ssed off about the whole thing not to mention embarressed, but worst of all if my civvy employer finds out I got injured as a result of TA training , think my achilles has gone? :x will have to see doc mon a.m.
    They will go mental and will probably affect my upcoming promotion..... :cry:
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Reference please.

  8. If you find out you need to pass the PFT, they being holding them quite often for the recXXSUTs in the system.
  9. Much as it pains me to agree with MSR QC(Barrackroom) I'd be interested to see a reference for that statement. Admittedly a little time ago but I was in a meeting when a certain TA PT SO stated that (much as I would like this to be the case) legal would not allow this as it would mean that a monetary reward (ie bounty) would be based on a test that was different for men and women.

    Basically if a girl got £1,000+ for running 10:31 and a bloke didn't for running the same time - payday for lawyers.
  10. Absolutely, especially in Corps such as the Signals, REME or RE. You could have two people doing exactly the same job, with one being efficient and the other not despite the fact that the "biff" is fitter than the person who passed due to their sex.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    No, sorry nothing of the barrack room lawyer about me. I simply won't have my soldiers f**ked about because someone, somewhere cannot or will not read the rules*. And I am happy to extend that to those who ask on arrse.

    * and I am happy to quote from TA Regs, because too many PSAOs refuse to let people see them. I have fallen foul of this in the past and will not have it happen others.
  12. So can I take it the definitive answer is PFT is an 'attempt' only. The HQ LAND 2006 instruction at Annex C seems to show a pass at MATT2 is the CFT (TA) 6 miler. Which I passed. :? Its not exactly easy to decipher the regs/ instructions from LAND as it seems to be well hidden.....
  13. msr

    msr LE

    They are quite the poorest piece of staff work I have seen.

  14. In our unit, we have to PASS the 6 mile CFT in order to qualify towards our bounty.

    It is our CO's policy (duty of care and all that) that we have to PASS the BPFA / PFT (whatever we are calling it these days) in order to ATTEMPT the 6 mile CFT.

    If you fail the BPFA / PFT, you have to do & PASS the 'build up CFT training' (2 mile CFT, then 4 mile CFT) before attempting the 6 mile CFT.

    This has come about from having loads of people failing the 6 miler, and/or leaving it until the last MATT w/e of the training year and then asking for an extension.

    The only frustrating part is for the fit soldiers (I do not include myself in this category btw!) who could pass the 6 mile CFT straightaway. If they do not have a record of passing the BPFA/PFT or 2 & 4 mile CFTs, they cannot do the 6 mile CFT (or if they do do it and pass, it will only be recorded as a 2 miler!). Usually the reason for not doing either of these is because they were unable to attend the drill night when these were being run - which is not that often!
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If not that often means only once or twice in the training year, then your point is valid.

    Any more than that and it is simply people not bothering to come in and taking what they hope to be the short cut route, and seeking to avoid the COs sensible plan of ensuring a reasonable build up to the CFT.