PFT 300 (maximum score) anyone?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by reallybadsignaller, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Hello chaps, I am currently reading my regiments newsletter this month and saw under an article on PT that if we get a top score of 300 in our PFT we get a little "300 club t-shirt" which I would like. Sad, I know, but anyway..

    Does anyone actually know what you need to do in order to get the 300 score?

    I'm doing my PFT in 9 minutes 32, 65 situps, 61 pressups and I'm 18.

  2. It depends on your age. Your figures there are very respectable though as an 18 year old I'm sure you'll need a 8:30 BFT or quicker and press ups/sit ups in the high 70s. My best is 299 points when I was 34 or 35 yrs old. I missed by 1 press up!
  3. I seem to remeber many threads ago a certain user called 'Green Machine' claimed to be part of the 300 club.
  4. Let's face it. 300 points (or 299!) shouldn't be beyond most young recruits. A brisk run, a few press ups and puch ups. The 300 club thing is all a bit gay IMHO!
  5. The PFT is a test and therefore pass or fail.
    The BPFA which it replaced was an assessment which had points for different levels of achievment, the highest score being 300, but as you should no longer be doing a BPFA you can't now get 300 points just a pass or fail.
  6. The BPFT run at a unit in my locale is designed so that you run uphill at least 2/3rds of the way, is that a fair BPFT? :?
  7. I didn't know that. Why do they keep changing the assessments/tests FFS? It's all physical activity, there are hundereds of experts who have wrote as many books on the physical condition and how it works as a science. So why can't the MoD just get on with it? When I joined up (lantern....and..swing) there were all sorts of upper body exercises to assess a soldiers fitness level, including full dips and pull ups. Several press ups and sit ups are more easily attainable even by the unfit amongst us. Pull ups and dips are lifting and pushing body weight which is much more difficult. That is how to access strength. But what the fcuk do I know? :x
  8. No it's not if a fair time is to be assessed. However, it doesn't hurt to run a test uphill especially if the bonehead PTI wants to fcuk you up! I remember running a BFT on my NIRT course in '92. Jog out for warm up, best effort back. Best effort was into strong headwind. I hammered it and finished. At the end a wide eyed Para lad was chuffed and says to me that the bonehead PTI couldn't keep up so the PTI cut a corner and still couldn't catch! :lol: Silly PTI cnut! All PTIs are cnuts aren't they?
  9. O2T

    Valid assumptions but the MoD always get it wrong and will continue. As for the upper body fitness, they [the firm] removed the dips as some poor woman split her sternum during training and that put an end to that shenanigan. I agree though. Choose a fitness test and stick with it. I don't know why we don't all do the bleep test, afterall that assesses cardio for the run and there are bleep test for both push-ups and sit-ups...job's a good'un.
  10. I was at Worthy Down about six month ago the gym there has a 3oo board with 60 names. The SPS must take it well serious.
  11. did my pti course at fox about 5 months ago and the corp blokes training us told us that as the pft is a test now and not an assessment like the bpfa , there is no 300 club anymore cause it's pass or fail. Were informed that as soon as persons get to required pass number then it's endex but if the individual wanted to crack out more let them but it wouldn't give them any higher score. No way to discern between the borderline passes and the fit ones but that's the firm for you, they do like to change things round ! Just chipping my 2p's worth .