PFT 2 min exercises

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by richy4, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. with the press ups and sit ups, during the 2 mins are you allowed to have a quick break i.e. just shake the arms out then crack on or does it have to be a continued effort?
  2. Depends on the PTI

    What usually happens is that the exercise is done in pairs, so you do the press ups and your oppo counts, then you swap.

    So you do get a break, of about 2 minutes
  3. ...and if your oppo is a decent bloke you will find that 34 comes just after 26.... :D
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes you can. (and cheating never happens! :D )
  6. Current rules (regardless of PTI) are that you can, during your two minutes of press ups, kneel and shake your arms off, but you then start from the lowered press up position. During sit ups, if you require a break, you can just lie on your back in the sit up position before continuing.

    It should not depend on the PTI, these are the rules.
  7. Im sorry I misread the question, i thought the OP meant between the exercises.
  8. And if you have been paired up with the unit throbber, make sure he goes first so you can assess whether he's going to be a cnut about things or not :wink:
  9. Do you often get made to go first ? :wink:
  10. We had a Reg come into our lines recently, and when the said PFT happened he didn’t bother telling his oppo that some of his press-up weren’t to his liken, So when he called out 34 press ups. Feathers were spat and dummies were drop and the conversion that happen was not polite or politically correct (for a sgt to call an wo2 a ****.)
    How I chuckled to myself at the girls fighting :)

    but said sgt did have the last laugh as it was the wo1 turn next and he only got 24 press up and 15 sit ups, which the PTI wrote in pencil just in case but when the run happen and the WO only did it in 14 mins (fat f*ck) the big pen came out and put a big fat Freddy to his name.

    Funnily enough, the WO doesn’t come in to the OR bar often any more... I do wander why

    funnily enough the WO doesnt come in to the OR bar often any more... i do wander why
  11. thanks lads.
  12. No, we had to do a Rubiks Cube, open a tin of plummed tomatoes with our teeth and knot a clove hitch with a lashing strap using only our toes.
  13. Luxury!