PFPS.....Wonky Knee Syndrome

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jack-daniels, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. Was handed a provisional diagnosis of PFPS by my GP about six months ago. You really need a physio's referral to determine if there's an underlying my case, a combination of tight quads and calves, and a bit of free-range cartilage in one knee...

    So, yes, and probably not. See your doctor, though.
  2. Cheers....went to the Docs about two months ago and they said it was 'just wear and tear', gave me anti-inflammatories but they haven't touched it. I run between 1500-2000 miles per year so that hasn't helped!
    Reckon I'll have to go back and see them...bloody annoying I must admit.
  3. I've suffered from this, which in my case was agravated by flat feet putting extra strin on the knee joints. Tabbing with weight, and heavy drill is another prime supect in causative effects.

    The bad news is there is no magic cure, it's not quick to heal, and it usually shows signs of an underlying pre-disposition to the condition

    The good news is that the symptons do improve, and you can usually manage your way around it, whilst maintaining a decent fitness regime

    Here are some things to consider, which you might want to go over with a physiotherapist or sports therapist (some running shops can help here):
    - Analysis of your walking/running gait may require corrective insoles
    - A decent pair of trainers, with good shock absorbtion
    - Glucosamine pills to help the cartilage repair itself and stay in tip-top condition
    - Increased used of gymn-based CV equipment, such as treadmill and cross-trainer - these usually result in less impact-related stress translating to your knees

    First thing I would suggest however, is no further exercise until you have spoken with a professional!
  4. I had a similar thing recently, it wasn't "officially" diagnosed as I was seeing the Physio for another problem and they wouldn't touch my knee unless I went to the Med Center and got another referral.

    Mine was cured by stretching of my calfs and hamstrings. Maybe it's time for you to act your age grandad
  5. @ JD:

    The symptoms sound very similar to what used to be called CP (chondromalacia patella). Looking at the link you posted, the causes and treatments sound pretty much identical.

    When I was leaving the Army I went through a barrage of tests on my knackered knees (presumably to show that the Army wasn't at fault) and the diagnoses were:

    1. RMO: Stretched ligaments surounding the knee leading to instability of the joint.
    2. Podiatrist: Unusual gait when running as a result of feet like pancakes.
    3. Physio: Running on tarmac, and loose ligaments.

    The treatments were variously:
    - Strengthening the quadriceps (bloody useless suggestion as I had calves of solid English oak);
    - Not running on hard surfaces (by far the best suggestion in terms of not waking up in agony every night);
    - Inserts for trainers made my podiatrist (acually seemed to work well, but may have been placebo affect).

    I cut right back on road running after leaving the Army and nowadays I have very little knee pain (since replaced by back pain).

    Hope you find a way of sorting it.
  6. By 'wear and tear' you mean osteoarthritis I assume? That being the case, no amount of steroid or anti-inflammatories will help if you keep pounding the pavements JD! It could be simple arthritis of your PF joint where the cartilage on the back surface of your kneecap and the front of your femur are rubbing away and crumbling. It's very common in high intensity (by which I mean lots of miles) runners. We do a particular x-ray view called a skyline patella for our 'bone Gods' which lets them see the joint. It may be worth another ortho visit to get them to check it out.

  7. Can I come and see you!!
    More sense on here than that other bloody 'social' site.....swines the lot of them.
    They didn't say it was osteoarthritis but then it was the receptionist that told me that when I phoned for the x ray results!
    I went for a 6 miler yesterday and it was fine but today it's giving me loads of grief and tomorrow it will probably be ok again....I am odd!

    *Crow Bag.....don't even comment*!
  8. I'd only add if you do take glucosamine make sure it's the hydrochloride and not sulphate as the cheaper sulphate one is poorly absorbed.
    Holland and barrett sell the hydrochloride as i'm sure other places do.
  9. They assumed you wouldn't have a scooby if they used 'big words'....they're nice like that!! And I'm fairly certain receptionists aren't meant to be giving out x-ray results, for exactly the reason above! They have no idea what they are talking about generally.
  10. Wouldn't dream of it, I respect my elders ;)