Does anyone think that the PFI initiative is actually going to work I have been working since June last year to get all my kit handed over and as of May everything was mean't to be done and dusted so why I find myself still servicing the kit and looking after the docs is a mystery.

Also if they take all our kit the skill fade fitters etc will face is going to mean that on Ops no-one will have a scooby how to fix things when the sh1t hits the fan. Are we going to send civies onto the battlefield in their white vans, I think not!
hurrahfortheRE said:
skill fade fitters
you have to attain the skill before you can get skill fade fella :roll: :wink: :roll: :wink:
Fcuking hell knocker thats not nice is it?

I agree entirely with HurrahfortheRE. Supposedly thats whats supposed to happen with the FEPS though.
sprjim said:
Fcuking hell knocker thats not nice is it?

I agree entirely with HurrahfortheRE. Supposedly thats whats supposed to happen with the FEPS though.
never ever used it i am happy to say, that is what delegation is for :p :p :p :p

but whole heartedly agree regarding the fact that they are getting "strawbs" to try & fix most kit. :x :x :x :x


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i am in 2 minds about the whole process. initially i thought it would be horrifically bad and the end of the world. when i had to use it to get some plant i found that the process worked very well, and we got plant that was not on the UET for training purposes- which would have been very difficult previously. everything was delivered on time and in the right place, and we had no problems- except getting day dreamers rather than 4CX. good for training on something different i suppose. operationally i didn't find it had too much of an impact as the kit was provided as per the FET. the problem i found was that when it came to getting unusual plant the system (on the military side) did not have much flexibility or urgency to source and provide specified plant. this is more a problem with the military side rather than ALC, who seem to be screwing the nut. in the future i think the way ahead is to use ALC plant for training and initial force generation and then supplement this with locally procured hire plant when required. we aren't fighting the ruskies any more and anywhere we go will have chogie plant available- and if there isn't any we may just have to grizz it like the good old days. as long as you maintain a pool of plant within units and then get the bids in within the specified timelines then i can't see any problems as ALC should hire yellow kit in if they don't have the green version.

the system was implemented to save money so there must be a festering problem waiting to rear its head, but i haven't seen it yet. except for fitters, who will become in/out inspectors and suffer terrible skill fade.
hurrahfortheRE said:
I hope it goes that well over here(once it final gets going) but I will soon have a fitter section of 7 blokes with fcuk all to do but play darts and drink brews. As oppose to play darts and drink brews and fix the occasional bit of kit. :p :p :p :p :p :p

you dont fix naff all and you know it :D
What kit you said you gave it all away because of PFI

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