Pfenning Jar, did you?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by PandaLOVE, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. OK, I know I was not the only one. I remember nearly every singly in the early 80s had a Pfenning Jar in their bed space full of shrapnel. Did anyone actually fill theirs and cash them in at the Sparkasse? Always those giant size Asbach bottles I can remember. Never heard of them being pilfered either.

  2. Yep, I had one. Got 600 marks when my 3 litre Smirnoff bottle was full :D

    Now a Euro shrapnel bottle.
  3. Fcuking hell!! Did you pi55 the bank staff off (and those behind you) when you cashed it all in? I remember just a small (end of the month) handfull of shrapnel would ruin the day of some boxhead bankers.
  4. We all had one. Smirnoff 3 litre job sitting on the windowsill.

    Known as a Jew Jar, but obviously in this age of political correctness.....
  5. No mate, they had a 'shrapel tippy in' machine that sorts it all out for you.

    Just seen a Euro one in Debenhams in Larnarca the other day.

    Might ask Santa for one................ :wink:
  6. We had a jewjar in the room. Always hand towards the end of the month for fags and booze :)
  7. I still have a 3lt brandy bottle doing sterling (sic) service.

    Credit crisis? What credit crisis? :D

  8. The famous 5 litre Asbach bottles. I used to flog mine to the spikos in Werl. Whoever thought of this as a weekly ration (remember the ration cards) had a sense of humour. Also I remember that the old 5p was exactly the same size and weight as a 1dm coin.Worked wonders at the phones and vending machines.
  9. Still got my 3L Golden Keys brandy bottle, it used to do pfennigs, then euros, then Norwegian Kroner. Its doing Aussie dollars and cents now. Splendid!
  10. As a non smoker I abused my ration card something rotten! And the old 5p (the DM was equivalent to about 40p), yep, hours of playing '1942' in the video arcade all for a few pence!
  11. I think everyone I knew had one in the 80s.

    and ref the ration Wildenrath in the singlies NAAFI they never used to mark anything on it, so you could buy ciggies, plenty, for payment of taxi drivers to take you to Heinsberg or MG...those were the days :D

    Please god take me back in time!!!
  12. I ran a unit account so would turn up at the Sparky with a ton of shrapnel. Buggers had a machine which took the fun out of it.

    The old (big) 5p piece was the same size and weight as a DM for the fag machine - apparently.
  13. And certain entertainment establishments knocking one out whilst watching fraulines going hammer and tongs at it... and all for 5p! Good Bless BAOR and a week pound!
  14. I had a 2 litre stein that was nicked from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. I used to rake through it for the 50 pfeg bits at the end of the month so I could buy Du Maurier fags!

  15. I had one - and pished in it for no apparent reason one night. Had to wash and dry out hundreds of pfegs in the bath! :D