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A question to the PTI's on here.
If someone fails their PFA and does not complete a retest within the alocated time, is that classed as an automatic failure?


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A question to the PTI's on here.
If I fail my PFA and do not complete a retest within the alocated time, is that classed as an automatic failure?

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To the best of my knowledge, failing to complete a re-test within the the 7 days (?) is to be classed as a re-test failure, unless you have a medical reason why you failed the first time, and you should be loaded on to a remedial training package.

The 7 days is a grace period for you to overcome anything that may have caused you to fail. ie a cold, injury or similar. I suppose, if your failure was only a few seconds out, you could train in those 7 days and knock your time down/build up your sit ups or press ups.

If the PTI inputs your pass results, it will be flagged up on FISS as a non-conforming re-test.

Rems, rems, shun.

Put the effort in next time. 1.5 miles every 2nd day, balls out. Should take up about 15-20 mins. and will do wonders for your CV. You could do that in a lunch time.

Smash out 44 press ups and 50 sit ups when you get up, 5 mins of time.

I think my unit policy is 4 weeks of rems, before you can take a re-test, and you have to score better than a 'scrape pass'. One of my thin as a pole, crisp eaters who failed by 2 seconds (he was behind me and I'm 10 years older than him) found that out the hard way. Thought he could just rock up and pass it the next week, didn't, was slightly miffed at spending 90 mins in the gym every weekday (45 min at lunch time, 45 min after work), a swimming session on sat morning, and a lesson on healthy living every monday at 0900 (our unit doesn't knock on until 1000 on monday). 3 months of that and it's 3 month bender time... then out.

He had to score a really weird time, as it is points based, something like 10:03.

He was a little down heartened, but I pointed out to him he was no longer deployable, and he could have been given a 3 month bender and had his x factor taken off him.

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