PFA on a PNCO Cadre

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by G4commando, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Been told I'm assisting to run a PNCO Cadre starting next week. During a meeting with the training team it came out that any failures on the PFT on day one will instantly be RTU'd there and then.
    However there are a couple of people attending the course who are medically down graded and unable to carry out any phys at all!!
    I was always under the impression that in a trade with mixed gender a fail on the test, whether it be a PFT or AFT just went down on you final course report. Can anyone clarify this as our Trg Officer is digging his heels in and it's his way or no way!!
  2. I agree with your Training Officer. If someone is downgraded they should not neon the Cadre. Well that is how it is in my DIvision in the Infantry. It is a MATT requirement, at the end of the day a NCOS cadre is to become a commander, to be a commander you need to be able to lead your men. If downgraded you cannot lead your men. Remember soldier first trade second. In the infantry case soldier through and through. That's my view mate. RTU There asses back

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  3. Are you having a laugh?

    First of all if someone can't pass a basic fitness test why would you even consider allowing them to pass a PJNCO cadre? Lead from the front and all that.

    Secondly, why is someone who is medically downgraded even on the cadre?

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  4. Nothing new here. Had folk on my (STAB) JNCO & SNCO course turn up biffus chittus. Admin instructions said no biffs allowed and that you would be sent packing if you turned up with one. As far as I know they all passed.
  5. What he said.

    You can't have people on a PJNCO cadre in a med down-grade condition. The overall risk assessment for the course should prevent them attending- what happens if they make their injury worse during some physical exertion? Is it fair on the fit attendees that a bif can pass without having been beasted to the same degree as them?

    A PJNCO cadre candidate should turn up with a 'fit for course certificate'. No cert, no course.
  6. *sigh*

    Ok, from the dim and distant past I remember that you couldn't impose a PFA as a pass/fail standard, as it was not gender fair. This came from a case (allegedly) where a male Police dog handler sued the Plod for being RTU'd after failing a fitness test. He did so on the basis that he still finished ahead of several females from his age group, all of whom passed. IIRC he won the case, and the Army had to follow suit.

    At least, that's how it was explained to me many moons ago.
  7. This is subject that cause me much fury as a pnco course left me facing 'discharge on medical ground or medical discharge' (mo has yet to make up his mind) while a load of biffs and mongs who couldn't pass a pfa crept by to potential victory.
  8. In the army there are two standards, one for females and one for males. This bloke could well have finished in front of the women and failed,but they still passed because they have longer to do it.

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  9. ..........and tits.
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  10. Yes, that's why (as I mentioned) it is not considered to be gender fair/gender free. That's the whole point.
  11. Yep, fair one. I don't think there should two standards, but there is and they still abide by it.

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  12. Womens bodies are different, they can't run as fast as men... so what.. PFA's are stupid. if 10:29 your fit if your 10:30 your not.. load of bollox.. if your fit your fit, if your not, your not
  13. If that's true, that's very bad drills. He could have been failed for a variety of reasons, such as lack of commitment, effort and determination. Doesn't matter if he beat some lizards, if he was the last bloke in, he gets 0/10 for backbone, ergo a fail for non-phys reasons.
  14. Bollox, I've known lots of women to run faster than some blokes even tab better.

    I do agree that a BFT is a crap method of measuring fitness.

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