Peugeot 307 Diesel additive minimum level

Can anyone shed any light on this subject? The additive is required for the automatic regeneration of the Particle Filter, but where is the reservoir? And can it be refilled without spending 500-600 quid at Peugeot dealer.
Please help
Ahhh the dreaded anti polution fault....

i have, for months now been sorting this out on the other halves piece of shit 307.

the additive tank is situated just in front of the NSR wheel and is covered by a small heat shield, it holds about 4-5 litres of an extremely expensive fuel additive, it pumps in every time you open the fuel filler cap.

check the tank has fluid in it, if it doesnt then get some from peugeot or citroen then have the ECU reset. If its full, check the plug on the tank, they get corroded as the tank can leak sometimes. there are however numerous other faults than can bring the code up and pop her in limp mode. try

Peugeot quoted me £800 to sort it out, i found the tank had fluid, i cleaned the plug, reset the ECU and it was ok, it lasted 4 months and now its back.

The particulate filters rarely need changing, they should regen themselves and on some 307 you can remove and steam clean them.

Good luck mate, it really is a common fault and a royal pain in the arrse!
Cheers A.S.S
Now i know where the tank is i shall check it. Just makes you wonder why these things are not in the manuals?
Cheers once again

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