Peugeot 206 wipers dont work!!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ..Ben.., Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. Hello, I dont usually write in on these forums, I usually just read them. Now however, I need some expertise.

    I've got a 206 and the front wipers and washers aren't working - they are stuck in the middle of the windscreen at the moment. The rear washer and wiper work fine.

    I've checked every fuse and they are all fine. Ive also looked on the interweb and found instructions to reboot the BMI system and that hasn't worked either.

    I've phoned a specialist who says that this is a common problem but he wants £575 to fix it - bugger that. Has anybody on here had this problem before and has any idea how to fix it, or has had it fixed at a more reasonable price?

    Any info would be a great help,


  2. A much cheaper solution:

    Buy a large sponge and a broomstale. Cut the broomstale to about three feet and tie the large sponge firmly to the end of it. Stow it in the passenger footwell. When it rains, lower your window, lean slightly forward, stick the sponge and broomstale through and wipe off the windscreen. Repeat as necessary. See? Easy, innit?

  3. yeah I see your logic, but I think Mr. MOT might have something to say about it
  4. I've just bought a 106 in order to convince the taxman that I am poor and do not drive a company car.

    Funnily enough, the front washers and wipers work fine but the back one doesn't.

    I'll swap you.
  5. I have a Vauxhall Astra and the wipers would not stop when the car was switched on.
    Its sensor to tell it when it is raining was fooked.. Bloody technology.
  6. If its a common problem, maybe a small independant garage could solve it! Motor burnt out or something!
  7. Hello ..Ben..,

    windscreen wipers being stuck in the up position is a clear indicator of a terrorist plot to cause havoc on the nations roads by limiting the driver's vision in the rain.
    I would recommend you wait till after dark then sneak up on your car and remove them by force.
    When that is done put a sack over the blades and tie cable ties around the wiper arms so the hinges cannot move.
    Throw the wipers in to a small dark and dingy garage with no access to three in one oil or screenwash and threaten to rip off their rubbers with pliers unless they gives you the serial number of the solenoid which initiated this plot.

    Alternative you could try asking about this in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers forum where you may get a different answer:

  8. Get a mains extension lead. cut the end off and connect the live to the + on your battery and the neutral to the -' then switch the mains on for 5 minutes or so.

    It won't cure the wipers but it will push it way, way down your list of problems.
  9. haha thats a bit sly! Is the tax man really that naive??

    I've had a couple of Frenchies before and they worked fine - the doors would inevitably fall off of course, but this is the first electical fault I've had with one.
  10. Its French, so probably on strike.

    What you need is a large sledge hammer, either threaten them to work, or use it to remove windscreen.

    Either way, job done.
  11. Contradiction there is there not
  13. hmm that quote didnt quite work..
  14. does the motor make any noise when u move the wiper stalk?