Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by rossi3003, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. I have continental headlights for a Peugeot 206 for sale. They are £100 for the pair. :D
  2. What colour are they?
  3. Can i use these h/lights over in germany?
  4. how much for just the bulb?
  5. Will they fit a SEAT Leon Cupra R 225BHP?
  6. Not if it says Peugot 206 Continental headlights on the box.
  7. I had a box that said 'THIS SIDE UP' on it. On looking inside, there was no 'This side up' in it, just a DVD player so your theory, wewoo is flawed to say the least.
  8. Do they make it easier to see in the dark?
  9. That is because on the outside of the box it was written in Capital letters and on opening the box you looked for the ones in lower case. :wink:
  10. You are too clever for me, wewoo. Are you a chef?
  11. No why, are you after some kitchen utensils aswell as new headlights?
  12. The colour is just the normal bog standard clear. Yes they can be used in Germany. I am asking for £100 for the pair, you would normally pay £100 each from a normal garage.

  13. Can I buy the car as I don't need headlights I have got a maglite that fastens to my head with a bit of laggy for when it gets dark