Hi there I am after speaking to anyone who owns/has owned or are breaking any Pug 205.

I am after any info regarding the crank shell colours

And yes I have posted on 205 sites...nothing heard yet
What about the colours? They should be a different colour to the rest of the engine. What's the problem at the moment?
on no1 crank the shell became mangled with itself and slid under the upper shell.

engine and gearbox out, gearbox split etc

Removed crank and shells on no1 - goosed, no 2, 3, 4 are worn (106k miles)

Ideally I want to know if the crank will accept a standard shell pack from Peugeot or the big question, do I have to get a coloured set of shells from Peugeot?

The crank has no scoring, but will micrometer it tomorrow
hello mate the best thing you can do is to phone your nearest pug dealer and ask if you can speak to the workshop hopefully they will put you on to them where there normally good enought to tell you i am a mechanic worked in bmw synther for 18 months now so i sorter no what im talking bout im quite sure u can put the standard ones in if u have a verneer gauge measure the widnt and hight ect this might just be the difference hope this helps let us no how u get on
Never mind colours and dealers, get the crank down to an engineering shop and get it reground with bearings to match. If you've spun and wiped a bearing you are just wasting time and money trying anything else.
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