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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by james0079, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, have just arrived back from Op Telic as a reservist. I duly attended the training package and subsequent pre op deployments and arrived at my parent unit without fuss. Upon arrival I had a small but noticabley affective personal issue to deal with so was granted leave to nip home and square things away for a couple of days. The WO2 who gave me the wink to go home was unaware that I had served under him as a Driver/Sig within a tac group years before with 1st RHA. The afore mentioned person wore with pride his "parachute wings" and forever berated the tac group with tales of "when I was at 7" ect ect. It became apparent upon my arrival at his unit in September of last year that he had completely "forgotten" about his para past and was oblivious to the many smirks and giggles that roared through his ranks when they learned that other senior ranks had bubbled him. I am infuriated that this man is now at the top of his ladder in terms of his trade and feel ******* stupid that yet again another man has gained rank and privelage by falsely assuming the strength and tenacity of men who have completed and enjoyed these courses, at will, and with pride and dignity. To add insult to injury he was awarded his promotion in the field, in the company of a para trained captain, a para/commando battery commander and various specially trained F.O.O.s. FABULOUS !!
  2. Mate, what goes round, comes round.

  3. Breathing done mate ! All calm ! Just didnt think that level of audacity excisted anymore !

  4. PM me, I have a cracking story from Bosnia in 96, you may fall asleep, but it involves a house burning down, and I have an alibi :D
  5. Wouldn't be about a Medic breaking his leg at the Towers (Mount Paljenik)
  6. do they do this other than in films and programmes like Band of Brothers?
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  8. He is pretty repeatative isnt he!