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    Just wondering at which point - if at all - you're allowed to keep a pet in the army. I understand that you're probably not allowed to keep a pet during phase 1 + 2, seeing as you're sharing a room with other guys, but are you allowed to keep a pet once posted to your regiment, and are particular species like reptiles strictly not allowed?

    If anyone could shed some light on this it would be appreciated.
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    just become a dog handler
  3. Haha, unfortunately a dog isn't what i'm after mate
  4. Depends if you're married once you're in or not.... Married you can get away with quite a lot as your home is your castle so to speak. Single things might be more tricky if I remember correctly. I had a mate with a pile of geckos in his LCpl bunk once but I don't know if he had permission to keep them? You have to ask ~ I know things have slacked off a bit but it may still not be permissible
  5. Yer can bring a dog into the block and share it amongst the lads.
  6. You bad man you,me love you long time....
  7. So do you think i'd have to wait until the end of phase 2 training until any sort of pet would be permissible? Just to let you know, i'd love to get a snake, only a small one though, i could probably get someone to look after it whilst i'm away during training, but i just need to know whether it'd come with me once i get my own room
  8. You'd be better off with a Furby or a Tamagotchi.
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  9. Me and furbys dont get on..
  10. Nah, THIS is what you want for a pet.
  11. I dont fancy forking out for the food bill for that one mate ;)
  12. I can imagine the fun you'd have polishing that.
  13. There're great pets; easy to keep (in the bath, sleeps where it wants), eats NAAFI pies, keeps block inspections down to a bare minimum, and when they outgrow the block just drop it off in the local Schloss moat, like we did in Detmold, where it'll live happily on the wildfowl and frighten the Plod.
  14. Sorry, but are you on about a pet or a NAAFI growler?
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  15. Get a chinchilla.
    A lad had one in our block in a huge cage (looked weird in it), he managed to get away with it for a while.

    It was a cracking block party addition.
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