Pets in the block!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by luke, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. She's left now, but there was a girl in our block who had a gecko in a cage in her room and was forever having to hide it in her car during inspections (and once it's food, crickets, escaped and hid in the bushes outside our block and droven us ******* mad)

    Will she always have to do this, as I thought, or are caged pets allowed in some SLA, as she claims?!

    Bizarre thread I know, but it's 00:56 on a Friday night..
  2. We had a block pet once in Obernkirchen..........................

    Claudia was it's name, looked like a horse when one was sober, but always ready to be ridden at a moments notice after the club closed.
  3. During Basic, we had 3 gold fish, one of them looked like my lesbian section commander so I called one of them; Fish fingers.

    I killed mistake.
  4. If they're allowed - why is she hiding them?

    It's normally at the razzers discretion mate.

    I didn't allow them for exactly those type of reasons though - hygiene and the inability of some strokers to look after themselves, let alone animals.

    One knobber got posted and hid his chameleon in a locker before he left -leaving it to die!!
  5. Had a hamster, it escaped one nite, i woke up pissed, stood on my pizza box, in the mad dash to the bogs. Crunch one flat hamster.
  6. Geckos, did she pull it down town?

    OK OK back off to my own mess....
  7. one of the lads used to have a scorpion and the bsm never made an issue of it. in fact come to think of it another of the lads had a tarantula. he had a habit of putting it in new bloke's bed's not what you want to find first night in the battery !
  8. I had a budgie which i inherited when a pad split up with his missus, and got posted. When we moved from woofers to fally, it travelled in the turret of one of the scorps all the way without a cheep, or whatever sound budgies make....


    One bloke in my block had piranhas.....4 of them.
    He used to buy them a 'treat' of angel fish every week. sick mofo.
  9. A lad in our Sqn had two chinchilla's right pervy little basstards as well I was seeing this german lass and I was watching these things for the lad as he was on leave. However on getting down to the business she said I cant do it those are watching happened a few times then I seen them perving at us had to throw a blanket over them. When the lad came back I asked him about them oh yeah the dirty little cnuts watch me and the missus every time we have sex.
    Had another lad in london who had a pet Iguana RSM and co used to get him to get it out during inspections and stuff
  10. a lad at my last camp had a Boa, and he was a bit of a admin nightmare, got pished, it got out, and thus evacution of said block, and jail for admin nightmare, snake of to pet shop. :cyclopsani:
  11. At the Sgt's Mess in Dulmen, they all voted to stop one Sgt buying a crocodile from downtown, thing was already 3ft long
  12. I had a fly in my room once. Left the window open one day and never saw it again.
  13. Seen a few dogs in the block.
  14. a good few years ago i shared a room in bovy with a guy that kept hamsters!!great accept that they kept me awake all fcuking night.remember coming back from the bar one night and playing spoons with the fcukers as they were treading water in the shitters.(never knew they could swim!)
  15. I knew a lad who had 2 Chipmunks in Herford, around 1998. They were ace, the lads used to come in and feed them, watch them do somersaults etc. All was going well untill the lad went to Poland on Ulan Eagle for 3 weeks - when he came back, one of them had eaten the other one. Fook me, we thought they were vegetarian and had left a big bag of feed with one of the lads on rear party.