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At my last unit, juniors werent allowed pets in the blocks seniors and officers were allowed them in the Messes, I cant remember the exact reason given, something along the line that the accommodation was different, personally I just think it was the usual army petty bullshit.
Having said that, if you have been told you cant have a pet, there is **** all you can do about it and you will be probably be charged if you decide to continue.
Do they have space for cats at MCTC?
22 Sigs many years ago . One chap had , in a fit of being drunk , bought a python. Big thing about 2 meters.

One winter night , Sunday we were warned of a block inspection next morning, so the idiot put his pet into a mates car.

‘’Next morning after the inspection, went to the car to find a snake icicle “

Also had a loonie who had a couple of hamsters.

Again in the piss , came back and decided to run over one with a 4 tonner.

Went out to the car park, tied the poor thing up , got into a 4 tonner, drove at it and went straight over it. The tyres had a huge gap in the tread , lucky hamster made it as the tread hole went over it.

Not that lucky as he then dyed them red and green and made parachutes for them out of bog roll . Chucked them out his window, 3rd floor.
I hope you know 22 Sigs is NOT the same as 22 Reg...
Why have you got such a chip on your shoulder about rank? Fail your PNCO cadre or something?
You think its acceptable that the rules only apply to the plebs then?
Great show of leadership there.
The accommodation IS everyone's bed space. Does that mean everyone will have to keep all doors and windows shut, including communal areas to keep the cat out?

And where have you got this "all right for Officers" cack from? I never mentioned rank anywhere.
You obviously dont know that sgts and above have a variety of pets and manage just fine, yet you want to conjured up a image of juniors suffering because a cat is walking around, in civvie street does eveyone keep their windows closed because of cats? No? Them why make up a story that soldiers would suffer?
If the OP is being honest then the Sgts and officers are breaking the rules by breaching standard orders for the site which bans pets.
If it is not all as they claim then others have asked permission before getting pets and he hasn’t
When I split from my previous missus, the RSM gave me permission to have my dog in the mess, however I decided against this as he was a husky and being confined to a room wouldn't have been a great life for him. I don't think being confined to a room for the majority of time is a great life for any animal.
As for the OP, you didn't have permission, you probably knew this, you got caught out, you pay the price. Find a good home for the cat, not a room in a block.


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Where I work, dogs are a common feature. They have to be registered and tagged (insured and chipped etc). They are allowed in SLA with PRIOR permission and incur a £400 or so quid deep clean march out fee. I'd love to take my cats into the office. The chaos would be forking hilarious!
If the OP is being honest then the Sgts and officers are breaking the rules by breaching standard orders for the site which bans pets.
If it is not all as they claim then others have asked permission before getting pets and he hasn’t
In St Omers barracks the rules are different for the plebs. So it's possible the CO has banned pets in the juniors but not the senior and above accommodation.
I thought this was going to be a thread about the now defunct South Lebanon Army. Was going to say,I believe they were allowed to keep a few goats for er.... Morale purposes. ;)
Hello not sure I’m posting this in the correct place , basically I own a kitten in my SLA Z type room , and various other people own similar pets . The squadron has found out about these pets and have given us two weeks to “ get rid of them” or severe administrative action will be taken . Not sure what to do I refuse to get rid of my pet , also due to this they are giving us weekly room inspections checking for pets . Do I have any ground to fight this ?

thank you
Paint the Cat in squadron/corp/regiment colours and say its a mascot
5 minutes in the microwave should help the paint set
Do I have any ground to fight this ?

None what so ever. You are on a good hiding to nothing. setting yourself up for some serious shit. marking yourself out as a trouble maker. Drawing immediate attention to yourself. Top of some SNCO's shit list. putting your potential promotion prospects in peril. AFG 252, or what ever the modern equivalent is , will be heading your way, rapid.

Do not ever try to buck the system, you cannot win, its not civvie street, army retribution is swift and absolute.
Have you got the drift of the underlying content of all the above? good lad,........... man up and bin the feline, job jobbed. I refer you to my post #17, read retain, and inwardly digest....have a nice day!
@Mscherry here you go, job jobbed.

Dogs at least are friendly accommodating animals you can take the pub and even have a place in government roles such as border control, drugs detection, armed forces, police, guarding things and have a job.

They are used to support people with disabilities i.e blindness and have much uses including being a loyal companion for it's whole lifetime.

You can't even teach a cat to fetch really.

Cats are annoying boring vermin.
They usually bury their own shit though.
We had a pet in the block way back when. She was called Claudia and looked like a horse, and she went like Red Rum. Didn't live in any particular room, sort of moved around to where she was needed. I guess she could be described as an original emotional support animal. It was fine when we went on exercise, she moved into the 3 RTR block. She was somewhat house trained but could be incontinent of stool when pissed and approaching climax. According to standing orders at the time, pets could not be kept in the block. We just shoved her in a locker with a bottle of Samba, and a couple of bags of those Dutch Smith's paprika crisps on Monday block inspection.
Similar in 2 AES block Iserlohn. The only thing I remember about her, apart from her applied suction ability, was that she always wore bright dayglo orange underwear (occasionally).
A mate of mine had a Terrapin which he kept in a small tank on his bed side shelf. He was going on leave for two weeks and asked me to feed Terry.

"No problem" I said.

Two weeks later my mate returns from leave.

"Did you feed Terry, Par Avion".

"Oh Shit"

Terry was floating upside down at the top of his tank.

We gave him a full miitary funeral, digging him a grave in the grassy area between the barrack blocks.

He was placed in an empty match box and lowered sillently into his grave. The earth was replaced and my friend said a few last words in respect of Terry while I whistled the Last Post.

I don't think my mate ever totatly forgave me for Terry's demise. With the occaisional accusation of:

" You killed Terry"

While feeling some guilt I told him I was only going to plead guilty to manslaughter. (or Terrapin slaughter)
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Cats should be viewed simply as supplementary fresh rations.

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