Pets at regiment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by armyamy, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Are we allowed pets such as dogs when we get to regiment? Seeing as we are living in single living accomodation.
  2. Dogs in the block? Almost certainly not.

    Goldfish or a hamster maybe.
  3. No, you can have a Goldfish.
  4. We had dogs in the block most Friday and Saturday nights......
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  5. Yes but totty that you have plied with drink & are barly legal dont count!
  6. We've had allsorts at my regiment, Lizards of all shapes and varieties, snakes, exotic mammals and the usual turantula! and a praying mantis.
  7. Dogs are now allowed in z-type accommodation in most places, but you will probably need a health certificate from the vet or whatever it's called
  8. Thankyou for that
  9. That said most heirachy want to know who will be looking after your pet if you go on Ex/ deployment as well.
  10. If you have no idea, it's better not to just wildly guess...
  11. I've never been at a posting where juniors are allowed dogs in the block. Not even in Z Type.

    Shall I send all my posts to you for pre-approval in future or do you just want to go and push sticklebricks up your Jap's eye until your bladder explodes?
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  12. Not doing anything else tonight, yeah why not
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