Petroleum Operator or Driver?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by joejoe8, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Hello

    I am off to ADSC Glencorse on the 17th July.
    I hope to pass, if i do i am hoping to either be a Petroleum Operator or a Driver.
    Any advice on these would be really appreciated. Thanks
  2. Pet Op.
  3. Seeing the wages the tanker drivers are getting after the recent strikes Pet op defo.
  4. That would be driver then numbnuts :roll: .
  5. I have done some pretty varied driving over the past 3 year, I have the following:
    i can drive in the Army:
    All SV variants.
    JCB (old and by next week new!)
    All Fuel tankers that the Army use.
    DROPS both IM and MM
    Container MHE
    Volvo 4400 (any still around?)
    and a few others.

    And im a PetOp! Be one of the few!
    As for earning money driving tankers, dont fall for it. I fell for the careers officer saying "when you leave the PetOp trade you can work on oil rigs and earn mega bucks."
  6. I went to tenerife once, no doubt you've been to eleven-erife!
  7. Ohhh! I Smell envy.
  8. Maybe but your the exception rather than the rule, the majority of petops i have met are lucky if they are fammed on Rover and 4t Daf.

    I'm a VM though and therfore can drive whatever i choose to :evil:
  9. I assume 2 things from your comment...
    1. Your looking at your 1 page FMT 600 with L/R HS TUM and TUL on it and feeling inadequate!
    2. Or you dont believe me!

    All i can say, i have been posted to a certain Tpt Regt on my next posting due to the driving experience i have on certain equipment.
    Am i bigging myself up, too right iam! its nice to feel wanted! :D
    But on the flip side, when im not showing Drivers how to drive ill go back to my other "string in the bow" and do the best trade in the Corps, Petroleum Operator!
    As the saying goes, "we can do yours but you cant do ours!"
  11. hey joe joe man, i been done driver and it was bad hahhaha, so i now i went be petsop and they crazy gang yes smell like bad gasolines yes you know what I mean ha ha ha ha now go and be what is before the major general melchert gives good kick to ocksigen theft face man ha ha ha
  12. Many Thanks for all your comments