Petrol tanker drivers (fuelys)

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Steve_Fleming, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Im looking to get a job as a fuely (if thats how you spell it) and cant find any info about what regiments/ squadrons have this type of job available. I would appreciate any help with finding out any info on this job.

  2. Probably RLC, if they have not changed their name yet again.
  3. Dont bother mate become a AT they are far superior to any one else on the planet. or so they like to think anyway.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    RAF MT

    They do alot of it on T.S.W. etc
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  5. That's quite true. However, amongst our many skills and talents we don't actually deal with fuel

    But then neither do drivers, because that would require doing 2 things and that's beyond a driver's capability.

    To the OP look at Petroleum Operator.
  6. It still cracks me up that driver is classed as a trade and that somehow they still exist. The RAF could learn a thing or two from the driver trade about how to con people into thinking you actually matter. :)
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  7. Perhaps the RLC could have trade called 'Person'.

    Cue lots of threads like
    "I'm going to be a Person in the RLC, can anyone tell me a bit more about the trade?"
    "Which RLC units have Persons?"
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  8. Drivers dont deal with fuel dingerrrrrrr?? What was that thing i drove in Bosnia,Kosovo,Oman,Telic 1, a ******* cement mixer?
    Mmm who were the first to go to Multidrive in thirsk to help with trials a few years ago? Chefs? or was it me and some of the Troop i was in?

    Carry on sealing H93's or whatever 99% of ATs do day in day out.
  9. Nice one SD. Didn't see many AT's on Op Sabillian in 2000, where we were driving civi fuel tankers during the strike (or on Op Orderley, the Foot & Mouth crisis or the Fire strike). By the way, Pet Op's do not drive fuel tankers.
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  10. That's why we ended up with a pile of crap, should have sent a VS to get the job done properly. Drivers? I've shit 'em...
  11. **** off you pet op walting ****, you're too thick.

    If ATs did seal H83's (not H93 thicky) 99% of the time they would still have to drive there, which still means even our simplest of tasks involves twice as much as your main effort.
  12. Boring ****
  13. Note to Steve, the OP.

    The military use the term POL ( abbreviation for Petrol Oil and Lubricants ) if you search on POL on the RLC site you may get some hits.
  14. Such wounding
  15. Was it your under developed penis up small boys?
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