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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by monkey104, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Probably a bone question, but I did'nt know where else to ask. And being as Arrse is the font of all knowledge here goes...
    Today i finally bothered my arse to put some petrol in the car as it was drier than a dry thing on a very dry day (obviously her indoors doe'snt know how to do it despite being the main abuser of said vehicle).
    When the tank finally filled up at something approximating a weeks wage I could barely open my grip on the pump trigger.
    I have travelled to many countries and am always pleasantly suprised that the trigger lock on the pumps actually work unlike here in the UK.
    I have asked a couple of attendants the reason for them not working over here but all I get is a glazed look and the feeling that I am going to have to use my meagre first aid skills in relation to unconscious casualty.
    So does any one know why the pumps dont lock here in the UK?

    Thanks in advance

    moved. mk
  2. Cos the chav twats can't co-ordinate the logistics between holding the nozzle in their mouth AND pulling the lever.

    Fix the pumps and we get rid of the chavs, good idea
  3. There is a law (if you really want to know which one, JFGI) that says we can't have them. A chap marketed a bit of plastic a few years ago that did the same job, but it was pulled after a few weeks as its use was agin the law.

    Those who drive Vauxhall Astra or BMW might find the filler cap fits the handle perfectly. I couldn't possibly comment ......
  4. Fluffybunny, I used to use the deisel cap under the trigger when I was on the wagons, however the car we have now does not have a cap, just some flip up thingymajig.
  5. There is indeed a law, and there is also a damn good reason as to why the pumps/dispensers don't lock.
    Have seen CCTV footage of someone in America locking her dispenser, returning to the driver's seat, combing her hair, going back to the dispenser nozzle, and as soon as she touches the Earthed nozzle.....

    Also, the nozzle could fall out from it's position during operation.
  6. The trigger lock is allowed, but only on attended forecourts.

    The reason they are removed in the UK is that whilst your hand is on the nozzle/trigger you are earthed and can not build up any static charge.

    Whilst not a common occurence fires have started from excess static build up on peoples clothes when grounded beside the petrol tank and an abundance of vapour.
  7. What a load of crud answers.

    If fires are started becuase of this how come every other country on the planet except the UK has these locks?

    Might have something to do with the pumps having a system for collecting the vapours? Are the pumps in the UK different?

    I know that the tax guys are happy about these vapour pumps as they get to tax the fuel contained in the vapour twice.

    Doesn't seem like much but over a year it all mounts up.

    Maybe Gordon is missing a trick here?
  8. Obviously need to work on strengthening your grip...
    Maybe throttling said missus for not filling up the car herself will do the trick?
  9. I despair....

    Trigger locks on petrol pumps???

    Whats next, nail clipper safetly devices? venetion blind dangers?

    Someone needs beating to death with a phone book
  10. Stage two vapour recovery, spec here:

    Not wholly effective, and the immediate area around the nozzle and the pump is still a fire hazard.

    Fires do start because of pump locks, i don't know why it isn't enforced to the same extent elsewhere.
  11. Thought you would be all in favour of a device that means you can turn on the supply of benz, light the end and walk off knowing that it will keep melting things until the whole station goes bang?

    I mean with the system they have now you need to tie your victim to the pump to get the same effect, all that screaming and wriggling must get on your nerves?
  12. Not if you inflate their lungs to 200 psi with the air line first.

    Acts as an anesthetic prior to torching them.
  13. You see.. thats why I am still an amature at this stuff. I would never have thought of the air line. Well not at 20p a go I wouldn't.
  14. My vehicle runs on Melted down wood lice......... why do I need to go near a petrol station, unless its to buy 4am opal fruits or jaffa cakes

  15. Basic physics. Increases the fuel/air mix so as to give a better burn rate. :wink: