Petrol pump fumes to be targeted

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Which emits more harmful pollution? A petrol pump or a car?

    Answers on a postcard to ; 'We're not addressing the issue but we'll say any old bollox so as not to offend the oil companies and motor manufacturers , c/o 10 Backhand Street , London. SW1.'

    What next, an official Government directive to stop eating Baked Beans, as botty burps degrade air quality and add to smog?

    I want to scream.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I think many countries, and including many States of the USA, have this scheme already. There is a simple device avaiable which captures the fumes, and prescipitates them out again for re-use.

    However, this being UK 2005, read on.....

    The petrol companies, and envorinmental groups are in favour of this, and it could have been in place years ago, but there is an argument between Gordon Brown and the petrol companies. He is demanding that duty be paid on any petrol collected this way, and then sold. The petrol companies say that the duty is already paid, and that it is 'only' the driver who loses out.

    With duty payable on it (arguably for a second time) the petrol companies won't do it - not viable. HMT won't budge. Impasse.
  4. What about a wind-bag politician?
  6. Read this in a book about collosal F**k-ups;

    A vet in denmark,was called out one night,to attend to a badly constipated cow.He inserted a length of pipe into the cows rear to relieve the pressure,the gas was jetting out nicely and the vet,feeling chuffed with himself,decided to have a ciggie!

    WHOOOOOOSH.........the hose up the cows arrse,turned into a flamethrower,and burned down the entire barn,cows n´all.

    The judge,charged him with gross stupidity,or similiar,and had to pay damages.

    Well I thought it funny. :twisted:

  7. so, thats what all that 'mad cow' thing was about eh? methane cull???? :wink:

  8. So Grasping Gordon the One-Eyed Thief can tax us twice on the same fuel, then.
  9. Midnight. That was blinding, really neaded something to chear me up and you came up trumps.

  10. Easy-peasy, shove Greedy Gordon up a cow's arrse - that should stop botty -burps. But hang on, we,d have to clone G.G. inumerable times in order to deal with all the cows in the world.....
    Feck it, another plan for File 13!
  11. Midnight's story is similar to one reported in Private Eye many years ago.

    Two chaps (Kiki Rodriguez and his chum) were indulging in a bit of harmless ******** in New York with their pet gerbil.

    Apparently on the cry 'armageddon' the gerbil was to be retrieved cos the guy had had enough.

    The gerbil refused to come out so Kiki used a lighter to see where it had got to.

    The gases ignited propelling the gerbil at high velocity into Kiki's nose. The gerbil died and Kiki suffered burns and a broken nose.

    A New York policeman said that he felt sorry for the gerbil.
  12. Just after that famous story about R*ch*rd Gere,there were two gerbils walking past a gay bar.Hey, let´s go in and get Sh*t Faced!!!

  13. Back to the original thread...

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (Petrol vapours to you and me) are a major cause of smog and airborne polution, more so than the exhaust gas that come out of the tailpipe of your car.

    If you fill up your 60 litre litre tank with petrol you displace 60 litres of of petrol vapour into the atmosphere. The only thing that comes out of your catalytic converter-equipped car is Nitrogen, CO2 and water. The VOCs - produced mostly from unburned fuel - are removed. Sunlight breaks these down to form oxidants, which react with oxides of nitrogen to cause ground level ozone (O3), a major component of smog.

    Vapour recovery systems have been in use in California for over 15 years. I don't know how much liquid 60 litres would condense back to and the tax issue is a very thorny one where the only true winner would be G Brown esquire and the real losers would be the motorists.
  14. Detail added from my recollection of the article.