Petrol prices

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tiny_recy_mac, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Dont know what its like on the main land but petrol in NI has reached 109.9 per litre and no one is complaining, should there not be talk of fuel strikes by now?? This is obscene as oil is $78 dollars a barrel. In April 08 petrol was averaging 110 but oil was $115 dollars a barrel at the time LINKY. Has everyone just accepted getting shafted by this government? :evil:

    *title edited as not a wah
  2. Oil price has got nothing to do with petrol price, something like 60% of what you pay is duty and VAT.
  3. How is that a wah? You need to learn what a wah is. Along with 95% of the others on arrse
  4. And rest; closer to 80% IIRC.

  5. I wish I could constuct an intelligent answer to your question,
    but I can only think that the motorist is that used to being kicked in the spuds that the extra creeping pain is going unnoticed :x
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Well said

    Lessons in Wahness required
  7. What's a wah?
  8. 108.9p for petrol and 109.9p for diesel @ the local Shell garage this evening. However, the dollar has fallen and oil has increased in price in he last month, so petrol and diesel will go up in price soon.



  9. Wahhhhh!!!
  10. 111.9 where I live.. it's fcuking mad.
  11. Your Honour I Refer you to this

    Learn what a F*cking Wah is you civvie c*nts :wink:
  12. Take the hint-stop driving yer bloody cars.

    Or return to an agrarian utopia. Whichever is the easier.
  13. Or just pop to your local pay office for nice cheap tax free coupons like I do
  14. Appologies for the wah, thought it was a toys out of pram statement not a bit of well timed comic genius.
  15. Devon, £1.10.9 for unleaded or £1.11.9 for Diesel seems to be the norm and has been for several weeks.
    Its been creeping up in price over the last three months and no one seems to notice or care, its just a shoulder shrug and get on attitude.