Petrol Prices on the Rise Again - Blame Israeli Conflict

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DigitalGeek, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Reported on GMTV this morning that petrol prices are once again to increase due to the current Middle East situation with Israel and Lebanon.

    When since has Britain got its oil from either of these two countries, and why doesn't the treasury cut the tax to compensate?

    Seems like an excuse to me for the fat cats to get fatter. :x
  2. Any feckin' excuse and the petrol companies bang up the prices. Where are the trucker blockades when you need em?
  3. The treasury makes millions in extra tax and could easily lower revenue levels without any problem. He's amazingly tight with our money isn't he? Except when he's giving it to someone else of course.
  4. It is perceved shortage. The petrol crisis of the seventies was due to the Arabs withholding supply, due to the Wests support of Israel during the Yom Kippur War.
  5. Errrrrrrrrr Vimeiro , did you just contradict yourself? :D
  6. Ah yes mong head on this afternoon.

    The oil industry would be getting ready for a possible shortage after seeing whats happened in the passed. (Point I was trying to make).

    Any clearer, probably not.
  7. There's a link here from The Times:,,9072-2270956,00.html

    I was shocked to read in this article that the actual cost of fuel, per litre, excluding fuel duty and VAT is 33p.

    That's 33 pence folks 8O 8O

    Here is quote for those not wishing to click on the above link.

  8. Just seen there is an Esso garage in Marlborough selling unleaded at £1.05 a litre. That has got to be taking the P1ss!
  9. That garage in Marlborough is run by a tw*t famous for hiking up prices to the maximum possible.

    Mind you if the locals have plenty of money to keep buying it then I suppose he's making the most of basic supply and demand....
  10. Does petrol come from olive oil ?

    Cause I dont see too much crude coming from Israel :(

    Brun could lower the tax a wee bit in line with the rest of the World :(
  11. Just think-it could be worse. You could be living in Bahrain where it's 11 pence a litre! Or KSA where it's 9p a litre!

  12. Thats more my kind of prices,

    could afford to run a few V8 muscle cars then :eek:
  13. Ibrahim Mohammed of Ahmad Abd al-Aziz Street in Gaza farts, Oil prices go sky high!!!
  14. Britain has the cheapest petrol in Europe before tax, and the dearest petrol after tax.......

    Says a lot really does'nt it. :x
  15. Rab,

    Why cannot one buy a brick anymore??