Petrol Price Increase, the Chancellor and speeding

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Selastra, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. I know thats a bloomin' mouthfull of a tiltle, but this morning when I drove the 71 miles to work (yes 71 miles there, and 71 miles back, every day) I was struck by the fact that the chancellor must love it when we all speed, cos we use more fuel, which he takes a sizeable chunk from, and of course if Plod catches us, he also gets a large wad from that s well.

    So in my twisted logic, I thought, If I drive sensibly (not that easy) then i would use less fuel, and not run the risk of getting caught speeding, therefore doing my bit to screw the chancellors plans for ripping more money from my wallet.

    Do you lot think it would work if we all drove to the speed limits, making sure we didnt use too much fuel that the Tax Man would feel the pinch?
  2. You may drive to the speed limits but there is always some knob jockey who feels that his white van/Audi/BMW/VW is allowed to ignore the law of the land.
  3. Can you just add motorcyclist to that list? Thanks ever so much.
  4. Then both of you will be pleased to know that the Chancellor's previously announced increase in Fuel Duty comes into effect today.

  5. Bet Broon wishes that he left it alone now as the voters may not thank him if he goes for a snap election :evil:
  6. Ah but he isnt Chancellor now so it wont be his fault will it ;-)
  7. Thieving fecking barsteward.
    If the tosser was a bit wiser with OUR money then it wouldn't be bloody necessary.
    Brown may you rot in hell, you thieving incompetent moron.
  8. A tactic used by invaders throughout the centuries is to tax the conquered to keep them impoverished and, therefore, subjugated. In 2009 a treaty will be signed by the Queen, in effect abolishing Britain, and we will be policed and governed by Europe. That is why our best soldiers are now being trained in riot control rather than war.

    Did everyone who gave their lives in WW 1 and 2 die for nothing?

  9. Quick! Pass the tinfoil!

  10. If it goes back to the fuel duty protests and long queues at petrol stations with priority to 'essential personnel', does this include members of the armed forces?
  11. No. Essential personnel are :-

    Fire Brigade
    Police (are there any left??)
  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    No, just Labour Party members (henceforth just called "The Party") and the police, unless you're driving a vehicle for maciver's secret "best soldiers" who are on secret bases being trained in riot control.
  13. I actually got off my lazy arrse and did some digging as I was sure I had read previously that the armed forces were included in the essential worker umbrella and came across this article on the BBC relating to the 2000 fuel protests: List of essential workers

  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh FFS kn0b-jockey. Just because you drive in the overtaking lane of the motorway at 55mph whilst overtaking nothing but a few trees, whilst causing major traffic tailbacks because you've got your head up your arrse and your brain in neutral.

    Get over yourself.

    This is just another bl00dy tax grab. Now, where's my suitcases and passport?
  15. Funny that, I wondered why, when sat in the inside lane this morning doing 70mph, I was having to pull all the way out to the outside lane to over take the middle lane hogger doing 65 but then we cant all be saints like you can we......

    Whether you do 70 or 100 in the outside lane some arrse bandit like you will always be trying to go faster and over/under take people.......