Petrol Out Of Thin Air

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chasndave, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Ladies & Gents

    Links below - a firm in Stockton-On-Tees reckon that they can, by very clever chemical processes which I don't pretend to comprehend, produce petrol out of air. Admittedly with the aid of electrolysing kit, dehumidifiers, a "gasoline fuel reactor" (whatever the f**k that is) and much methanol. Oh, and they've only produced 5 litres in the last 3 months!!

    But, all that said, this could have pretty interesting second-order effects, particularly as technology improves, the process becomes easier / more manageable etc etc. Could we be looking at shedding our reliance on fossil fuels? Will the US Oil Corporations buy the firm out in a conspiracy theory that Julian Assange would be proud of?

    More importantly, will my sizeable investments in Middle East oil exploration be worth 3/8 of f**k all in 10 years?

    An interesting advance, methinks.

    British engineers produce amazing 'petrol from air' technology - Telegraph

    British engineers create 'petrol from air' - TNT Magazine

    Pioneering British firm produces 'petrol from air' in breakthrough that could solve the world's energy crisis | Mail Online

    Fuel from thin air in Teesside
  2. It's a test-rig to show proof-of-concept, hence the low volumes. My assumption is that it is incredibly inefficient. Where it does make some sense is that the energy density of the fuel produced is much higher than trying to store the energy in batteries required for EVs. It's a long, long way from being a useable technology.
  3. It uses energy from renewable sources, e.g. windpower, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and water to make hydrocarbons. The good thing is that the amount of CO2 released by burning the fuel is the same as that as usedby rhe process. So give a clean source of electricity the process is carbon neutral, if that bothers you. The bad thing is that it assumes an awful lot of green energy is available. If you use it to make fuel you can't use it for something else. It does produce an energy dense fuel which would beat batteries for transport use but what is the efficiency?
  4. The government will simply slap a tax on Thin Air.
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  5. Do they give green shield stamps?
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  6. There have been rumours around for years that the process was discovered by someone in the early 1930`s. Apparently he was bought out by a collection of big oil companies. He, strangely enough, went missing soon after. I wonder if history will repeat itself.
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  7. Hate to tempt fate, but is it not the case when billiant indivuals discover a possible way to stop the worlds reliance on an inefficient but hugely profitable oil monopoly....they suddenly.

    1) Never having been into hiking before, but they go for a long solo hike and are never seen again.

    2) Discover extreme sports like base jumping off tower blocks without parachutes.

    3) Commit suicide by shooting themselves with a deer hunting rifle from 300 yards away.
  8. Whatever happened to those genetically modified bugs that lived in sewerage (or something) and excreted pure petrol?

    I remember them being the next big fuel thing a couple of years ago but since then, nada (see also - solar cars, hydrogen cars, electric cars etc).
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The world has changed. We don't like a lot of the people making a lot of money because they are sitting on top of all that oil.
  10. Read post 6.
  11. Nothings new under the sun Mother Natures being doing this for years, add air, water and a catalyst to produce a substance we can burn, I think there're called trees.
  12. So if the oil rich middle eastern countries lose their main income.......who will fund Al Qaeda?
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  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    it isn't out of thin air though is it - they get bits of atmosphere and add other bits before bubbling it through yet more stuff.

    its similar to the germans extracting nitrogen out of the air to make nitrates for ammunition.
  14. The UK Taxpayer. The funds will then, as now, be channeled into the pockets of ever growing Muslim families here and then sent to their countries of origin. Isn`t finance a wonderful thing.