Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smudge67, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Says it all really.

    Dropped by Asda, and Morrisons :) I'm sure the others will follow.
  2. Is that 99.9p or 99.99p or 99.999p.... :)
  3. and for how long?

    bet gordon puts a surcharge on petrol to pay for the banking bailout.
  4. I said :)

  5. Not so sure.
    I think we will see consistent falls in fuel prices to reinforce the illsuion that Mr Brown knows what he is doing in the run upto an election.
    He'll destroy whats left of the economy to do it though, he won't cut spending on shite. We will just end up with a public debt beyond all immagination
  6. Where are smudge?In Morrisons at Hastings it was 104.9 two hours ago!
  7. I dunno? It was a newsflash on news24 at the time I posted this. It may take a bit of time for the prices to change??
  8. Price of oil has dropped significantly and I don't think he'd get away with increasing duty at the moment.
  9. Glad to say i am only paying 85p a LTR. But then i do live on a rock out side the EU :-0
  10. seeing as the recent hike in gas and leccy prices was due to the unprecedented cost of oil I am pleased that they must be going down too.....

    I'll believe it when I fcuking see it!
  11. They normally do the changes at midnight - ala budget.
  12. They'll start going down in the next few months too, according to someone I know who works at Scottish Power. That's why they're so desperate to push fixed tariffs at the moment.
  13. Basildon BP was 99.9P a litre of Unleaded at 17:00 this evening, a nice suprise on the way home. Havent checked around Medway Area yet. Anyone in Medway seen it drop yet?
  14. I bought a Subway sandwich recently and due to 'fuel costs' was charged an extra 20p to have it toasted. 8O

    Not holding my breath on whether they'll now abolish it!