Petrol/Diesel Pump Prices..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Now does anyone think that fuel pump prices for petrol and diesel come down in due time when Libyan oil comes back on stream after that civil war?

    FUEL prices will fall by about 6p a litre following Colonel Gaddafi’s death, the AA said yesterday. Prices are set to tumble in the coming weeks as Libya’s oil production returns to normal in the wake of his overthrow.

    Spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “It will have a knock-on effect at the pumps.

    “When the Libyan crisis began, petrol was just below 130p a litre and the average price now is just under 135p.

    “We should soon start to see the price of petrol fall between 5p and 6p a litre – which is great news for British motorists. But it won’t happen overnight.”

    Libya was one of the world’s bigger oil producers, pumping out 1.5million barrels a day before the country was engulfed by civil war in March.

    Fuel prices to fall by 6p a litre after Gaddafi death - UK & World News - News -

    Does anyone really believe this.....
  2. No I don't believe it.
  3. Its the same the worldover mate, we had to drive from country queensland 350kms in to brisbane yesterday, unleaded petrol in Oakey is 20 to 24 cents cheaper
    pro litre than in brisbane ,that is nearly 10pence a litre difference in old money
  4. That's something I don't get. Shouldn't it be dearer in Oakey due to cartage costs? Paying $1.46 p/litre for diesel at the moment.
  5. In a word, no. We might see a reduction of a couple of pence for a month or so but it will soon rise again about the current levels. What baffles me is how a supplier, e.g. Tesco/Asda can charge one price for Petrol at one location and another elsewhere. If shops did this with other goods such as food etc we would be up in arms!
  6. Morrisons seems to be charging a penny more than it was last week. Fuel prices vehicles and domestic will never drop by any significant amount.
  7. At a local filling station the differance between petrol and diesel was 9p a litre, that's 40p a gallon!

    AS for prices coming down, no chance... The government / oil companies know how much we're prepared to pay for fuel now, so no going back.
  8. bollox to pump prices, I'll keep sticking used veg oil in my van - often free. Even if I have to buy unused oil, I can usually get it for £1 a litre.
  9. petrol station price displays only ratchet one way... fact.

    The sooner we start getting amongst other methods of travel, including shanks pony, and ensuring our houses are as economical to run as possible the better.
  10. I agree, but if the price doubled we would still pay, because we would have no choice.

    The problem is that no-one in this country will attempt to do anything about it, there is no stomach for protest in the way we did in 2001 (I think it was).
  11. There is this,for all the good it will do.

    Campaign to Reduce UK Petrol and Fuel Tax

    Wasn't there also some talk of hauliers being pressurised into not taking any protest action with thinly veiled threats of more regulation and roadside checks on them and their lorries/vans?
  12. Price drop for the motorist?
    I doubt that very much
  13. I hope so.
  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Historically speaking, fuel is not especially expensive. And since modern cars do 50 miles or more per gallon, as opposed to the 25 the MGB outside achieves, it's arguably cheaper than it was. It's the servicing and insurance that cost more.

    You think fuel prices are bad? Historically, they're not - and we've graphed it | Technology |

    Of course, life-styles have also changed and people drive more often and further. In my youth the car ventured out once a week, up here I use mine maybe 3 times a week.

    And, it should get a bit cheaper, before rising again next year.