Petrol bombers attack PSNI

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LAIT, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Edited.
  2. Here

    Fixed link from above...It's all kicking off!

    Edited as I beaten to it!
  3. Is the Maze prison still serviceable?

    All these protestors with ALL this excess energy, need a place 'Off Road' to work out in, the Maze would be ideal location!!
  4. ah the boys from Kilwilkie have not lost their touch.

    Hopefully the pistol the peelers picked up can be connected to other incidents CD "may" have been involved in.

    He might even get a real sentence, rather than 5 min and 6 hrs community service.
  5. I dont think so. You have a few chancers trying to make a name for themselves. Thankfully, the vast majority of the population dont care for going back to squaddies on every street and dont want to go back to mainland rule. I believe the incidents we have seen and will see over the next few weeks will be isolated and due to the rarity, of media interest. SF/IRA certainly dont want a return of overt military interest in NI and they will try to distance themselves from it as far as they can.

    Gangland revolt will have more media interest in NI than it will have on the mainland. More so in view of recent events.
  6. Sad to say, it all 'kicked off' some time ago. The police have been under attack and shot at in many areas and a recent report suggested at least 45 attempts to murder Police Officers thwarted.

    One or two negative incidents and it will all go back to the way it was in some areas, as that report illustrates. All depends if the Provos are in charge or not., they won't allow it in their areas for the present.
  7. I thought this was just a standard night for the Strand Road since the year dot. Usually the Beeb's outside broadcast unit only report on somewhere accessable to Belfast Morrisons, The Crown, James St South.

    Little darlings taking advantage of the security forces being spread thin. If they would just throw the bottles empty into a bottle creative...200 points for getting it in the hole from twenty paces...years subscription of An Phoblat to the winner...jolly hockeysti- hurley bats and all that.

    Should use ASBO's on them. Alsatians, Snipers, Batons, Ordnance.
  8. a group of youths? Nothing unusual there then. Its Lurgan what the f*ck else are they expected to do on a saturday night? Its nearly as good as Ards and its full of inbreeds. The maze is closed and it is 1 location in the plan for a new national sports stadium which will not only have football and rugby but also gaelic sports too, therefore another positive idea for the country to move on, but of course as always there are to**ers who are doing everything not to make this so. Another use for it would be to throw ALL convicted terrorists back in and lock them up for good, but thats the sensible approach, so it wont happen.

    n.b. another soldier killed in Afghan....... R.I.P.
  9. Seconded. Three murders, tragic and dispicable though they are, and a few inbred Chavs throwing petrol bombs does NOT mean a return of the bad old days.

    The vast majority of civilians don't want to go back to the Dark Ages. Niether do the majority of paramilitaries, though for far less noble reasons; increased security forces activity would interfere with all that lucrative drug dealing etc... :roll:

    The only Doomsday Scenario I can think off is a major CIRA hit on a Loyalist area; that might make the pressure for the UVF etc to get back in the Game unbearable. And even SF might balk at condeming Republicans for killing Prods... 8O

    I don't like saying it, but as long as it's "just" soldiers and police officers being killed, the peace process is not in any real danger. :evil:
  10. FrankCastle

    The paramiltaries deal drugs??? LOL I thought it was all community murals and meals on wheels for the old people now. See me naive.

  11. Must just be me being bitter, cynical and twisted in my old age, then. :twisted:
  12. Heavy police presence all around belfast tonight. VCP's on all routes into city and surrounding small towns leading to belfast - having been stopped about 6 times tonight id say the PSNI knew what they were looking for and this wasnt just a precaution.
  13. Please please do not compare the spades with the beautiful people of Newtownards. Lurgan used to be a nice place before craigavon came about and ths started the large family inbreeding that had previuosly been confined to the Falls and the Creggan. The next generation are now breeding with the last as a result.
  14. This is what happens every time the PSNI go into republican areas of Lurgan to investigate DR crimes. It isn't any indication of anything getting worse or of a major change in the problem. It is just that it normally doesn't get reported in the media on the mainland.

    Part of the last 10 years worth of "if we pretend the DRs aren't a problem they will just go away" strategy.
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Thought that was Carrowdore...
    When the wombles were kicking off in White City Holywood a couple years ago,they re-housed the evictees in a nice little village on the way to Greyabbey & down at the old MQ's at what was RAF Bishops Court.
    Never see a peeler in the Dee,if we do it's only in the Centra getting a supper from the deli.