Petraeus begins Strategizing on Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Interesting article , its does show once again poor planning from the off i.e.'boots on the ground and tora bora' and the enemy of my enemy is my friend school of global policy.

    I also sense perhaps the start of mission creep as with the shrub wanting another war to notch his bedpost with!

    I do believe he so wants to take on Iran before he leave office... While he is both your president and CinC he really is a liability too your nation and will take many years for many nations to forgive what he has done.
  2. I don't dispute the damage the Shrub has done to my nation. The clock is ticking, and I don't think Bush has enough pull to actually try something against Iran, I don't think Gates or Mullen would let it happen.

    Looking to the future, Obama and McCain are both guys I like alot, but there are things about both that concern me as well. This article indicates that Petraeus is looking to the future, and he seems ready to work with either CiC
  3. Let us both hope that thing will soon be clearer with a new administration, mean while the whole Pastun thing is only to get worse i fear and Pakistan and it internal problems is a wild card that could go bad...let us all hope i am wrong.

    the trouble is the whole area is a nightmare with no real stable result foreseeable as i have said in a couple of other threads...i also don't know enough really about Petraeus, but it would appear he is a smart cookie let us hope he can disengage you guys and girls sooner rather than later and just let the warlord and other assorted nutjobs tear themselves apart.
  4. At least with Hilary in charge, you knew she was lacking a pair of balls to do anything towards Iran. If Barak enters office will be interesting to see how he deals with W's war on terror. As for Pakistan wellllll lets just hope their army can do their utmost to trust their new leader.
  5. Chief Joseph:
    I'm afraid you may not know how this one will play.
    Unless of course Israel goes off all half c'ock by itself, various neo cons will egg it on or tip it the wink at a time of their choosing.
    Then when Israel attacks and war has already been embarked upon and Iranian missiles are heading Israels way the US armed forces will be bounced into defending her.

    That is the way Cheney would 'work around' any piffling objections coming from those two.
  6. msr

    msr LE


    FFS will you lot stop verbing nouns?

  7. Yes right on brother!
    I only didn't mention it because after so many years I've become punch drunk watching them do it. :D
  8. Aye, I take it they mean 'planning'.
  9. Petraeus's talks with the Pakistani govt, if accurately reported, make sense. Pakistan is key to the situation in Afghanistan. Every effort should be taken to ensure their support.
  10. I do agree that Pakistan is the Key to the Ganistan situation.
    It was US arms via Ganistan that defeated the Russians and until the Pakistan Military are brought into line Ganistan will just go on and on.
  11. One thing bothers me though... the fact that the Pakistani army spokesmen didn't know how to account for air miles on missions and general wear and tear..Maybe he should be introduced to the latest gadget...a watch, a log book and some common sense!