Where to post a petition

  • In a new Petitions forum?

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  • In NAAFI and leave it there?

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  • In NAAFI with a move to Petitions by a mod when it ceases to be "front page" news?

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  • On multiple forums, leaving a mess to be slung together by a mod in Petitions at some later date?

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  • In a little niche where few people will see it?

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  • Anywhere really, but moved to the Hole on expiry?

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Mobat said:
Look here:

I think it would be useful if the was a forum specifically for petitions. This would make it easy to check for petitions to sign and reduce duplicate posting like this.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
Separate forum for petitions?

It seems to me like a good way to never having your posts read, which would be a shame for some of the more deserving topics. I have little faith in the value of petitions in respect of changing the world, but some certainly have discussion value.

Most petitions have a time expiry, so should they be transferred to the Hole after the run-out date? Or left dormant in case of further developments?

If not in a separate forum, then where to post your petition? NAAFI for greater instant readership, but open to abuse and will drop out of view after a couple of hours of non-response? Or in a niche where it's safe but isn't going to achieve the object of it being posted. Or as a multiple drop across several forums, leading to accusations of spamming?

I've thrown a poll up with a few ideas.

Not suggested in the poll, but possibly an idea if the technology's there, could a petition be put in a new Petition forum with the opportunity to make it visible (and respondable to) in other forums? i.e. a single thread that can appear to be in several forums, and run down the pages of those forums like a thread that originated there?

PS Why do only six options come up on the poll when you've written eight? :(
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