I'm getting fed up with the amount of appeals to sign up to petitions.

Now some of the ideas behind these petitions are well worth while, yet i feel that they will be submitted and lost in amongst all the sh1t that is on the Government petitions website.

If the sum is greater than all its parts, a united voice from ARRSE would be better than faceless individuals signing up on the website. It would also give more impetous to push in different directions should the 'glorious' petitions website yield no fruit.

ARRSE petitions could also be moderated, any outlandish ones could be binned straight away. A minimum limit could also be set before a petition progresses beyond ARRSE.

Off the top of my head i can only see two problems:

1. Administration, i really wouldn't have a clue how easy this would be to do and it would also require someone to push things beyond ARRSE.

2. We are all anonymous on here so i don't know how well that would go down with those receiving such petitions.

This is purely an idea and if completly bonk please bin and replace with :oops:

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