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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by TheLordFlasheart, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Admin.

    Due to the amount of petitions going around at the moment, is there scope for a 'Petitions Thread' to be started so all petition links can be placed in there?

    It saves the same petitions coming up every other day and the impact being lost due to them being ignored as repetative.
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    You mean a whole forum flash? Could be quite amusing - speakers corner.

  3. Amusing? Judging by some of the people on here, they would need inflatable water wings to venture out of the shallow end of the gene pool. Amusing in a road traffic accident sort of way.

    Not a whole forum, just a sticky in one of the current forums labelled 'All petitions here' or 'stick a Sea Bass up my ricker'.
  4. LMAO, its also likely to be more effective than a petition and an interesting variation of contact counselling :threaten:
  5. But how do you get them to go to the petition thread?
  6. Who? The Sea Bass or the geneticaly deficient?
  7. I don't know how you would entice Sea Bass (worms maybe?)

    Just call the thread 'the jeremy kyle show' and the 'darwins' will be over before you can say 'pimp my ride' :plotting:
  8. Both!
  10. If you are genuinley keen on helping HM forces have you considered as a banned member perhaps stopping reinventing yourself and returing to a forum where you are neither liked or tolerated.

    Some of the moderators etc are serving soldiers and see you as a hinderence and annoyance, you are therefore contradicting yourself by remaining.

    In an attempt to appeal to the side of you that does care, unless thats a troll trait you use to justify being here. Please consider the request.
  13. Warrant, reread what I wrote, if you can't answer sensibly then spare us and let us answer for you.

    You are a banned member from a Forces and ex forces dominant site. That should speak volumes. You maintain an interest in wanting to help out HMF, you can do that by simply staying away, it would mean more than any donation and you'd really really help
  14. code/warrant/Chubb. What purpose do you serve on this site?

    I can understand in a very minor way that Sarah 'needs' this site for therapy as she has fantasies about having relationships with serving soldiers but I cannot see why you, code, are using her account?

    Chubb is an idiot. That has been proven many times. You are a troll.

    Is code and Chubb the same person? If not, get your own account or fcuk off code. Preferably the latter.

    Bugger off! It's the usual mong mis quoting from Chubb/warrant/code/Nathan.
  15. ha ha - a bite :thumright: I thought code purports to be her nephew