Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by supportourtroops, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Hello

    I run a website for Army Wives, I was wondering if you would take a look at our petition and if you agree please sign it, although we know it probably will not have an impact, soldiers currently serving in Iraq are checking it and we would appreciate you to sign to show that they still have our support

    Thank you very much
  2. Interesting spelling in the letter part of the petition!
  3. did I ask for a personal attack - no theres no need, and fyi there are NO spelling mistakes just a few grammatical errors
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Signed...disregard gentle flak...well done fallenangel !
  5. Im no big fan of the NOTW and whilst the video footage should never have been made public (it should have been handed directly to the MOD) we have to remember that they didnt film or orchestrate the incident, the indivduals involved were out of order dispite the stoning and throwing of homemade grenades. But it is the person who filmed it and then distributed the DVDs who our anger should be directed at. It is ultimately he who has put our soldiers in Iraq at risk from reprisals.
    The NOTW was doing its job, its job is to sell papers and to make money regardless of who is affected by it.
    Sign the petition if you like but its not actually the NOTW who filmed the footage, they are just benefitting from it, imagine how their sales were boosted by this story!

    Maybe Support Our Troops should write a similar letter to the CO of the Light Infantry telling him that:
    But replace the words 'publishing these photos' with 'allowing the soldiers under your command to behave in this manner'.

    Im serving, Ive been to Iraq as well as several other operational theatres, I see what you are trying to do but maybe you should take the blinkers off and look at the bigger picture.
  6. Ok maybe not a spelling error but we live in the UK so should it really be "realize"?? Is it not "realise"??
  7. ok not everyones going to agree so I will just leave it at that im not going to reply anymore because I dont think I am wearing blinkers as you call it, and I can spell I checked it on spell checker to make sure it was fine, if you dont agree dont sign it thank you
  8. so is that you way youre going to be if the NOTW reply to your letter? you dont agree to what they will write so you wont reply anymore?
    you come on this site asking people to sign your petition and when members question the reasons behind and wording of the petition your teddy goes in the corner!
  9. No actually I have been replying on the other board thank you and have said my reasons there im not going to keep repeating myself, I never said whether I agreed with you or not
  10. And I very much doubt they will reply
  11. I have written a reply on the other thread link above x
  12. Is that because you didnt give a return address?
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  14. That's f*cking genious.