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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by RSupwood, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. There is a petition on the PMs web site reference making the use of Disabled Parking bays illegal for those that are not entitled and to enforce the legislation regarding access for disabled people.

    It needs some more support to go further forward so if you support the rights of disabled people would you please go to the link below and sign the petition:

    Remember please that there are many ex soldiers, young and old, who have need of the things requested in this petition
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Seems a bit extreme over a few parking places....Another nanny state not needed law. Besides half the time I see someone park up in a disabled bay with what appears a valid disabled sticker they are no more disabled than I am.
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Tis unfortunate that those with the dreaded blue badges do nothing to help their cause and seem to go out of their way to park in some of the most inappropriate place.

    1. Town unloading bays, stopping those who are required to deliver items in the town nowhere to park.

    2. The road leading to the car park, so they can avoid paying but block the access to the car park.

    3. Any double yellow line where parking will cause the most hassle to other road users.

    4. Parking up and getting hubby to run off to do the shopping whilst they sit and listen to the Archers.

    Although I will most probably regret it one day this is one petition that will not see my signature.
  4. I,m a blue badge holder, I find it very annoying when I see people with the Blue Badge getting out of the cars and they run or walk away with no signs of a disability. Then again it could always be their partners or child with the disability, however its for the named persons use. This is another area that requires to be enforced.

    I have signed the petition as it requires to be enforced, but so does the other area highlighted above.
  5. What a lot of people fail to understand is they keep referring to people with wheel chairs only having access problems .
    there are a lot of people who have missing limbs and other related physical problems who have access problems also
    there should be legislation brought in to force for all disabled people with physical problems to be treated equally .
  6. This is avery good point.
  7. I do like to see perceptive people like yourself doing diagnostics by visual examination from twenty foot away. I don't suppose you have any experience of people with MS who are walking one minute and fall on their face the next when their body refuses to obey the brains commands?

    Whilst I hesitate to wish it it on anyone, perhaps one day when you are a wheelchair user, with your car as the only means of mobility you have that gives you real freedom because of your disabilty, that you find the wide bay that allows you to get out of the car and into the wheelchair occupied by some pratt who shouldn't be there.

    You might not think of it as such a nanny state law then, will you?
  8. All of the above are abuse of the Blue Badge system with the possible exception of parking on a double yellow line which is permitted for up to three hours provided no obstruction is being caused. If it is then the user can be fined the same as anyone else.

    In the town where i live the rules are rigidly enforced. Break the rules and you get a ticket for £60.00.

    Unfortunately whilst this money making scheme is so rigidly enforced the misuse of the disabled bays by the able bodied with no badge in the shopping areas is ignored, probably because with the current system it doesn't generate any money.

    Change the law to make it illegal to misuse a disable bay anywhere and watch the tickets fly out of the machines!
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmm methinks you miss the point. Disabled parking spaces are for people who have difficulty in moving around - they are there - closer to the shops etc to make it easier for those people to carry on their day to day business. If someone can run and walk unaided then the disabled space is not for them is it? Hardly my fault if supposedly disabled people abuse the system! An MS sufferer who is having a good day and feeling perfectly normal should not be using said space - or do you disagree? Get your own house in order before pi$$ing off your neighbours.

    A bit of pot, kettle and black around here.
  10. No sorry, leave them discretionary.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You are of course right Cuddles I have no beef with disabled sufferers of whatever persuasion and all power to their elbow, but there are some who are clearly abusing the system. But now they want to criminalise - admittedly selfish w@nkers - who abuse their parking system. When there are people with badges abusing the system but there is no move to prevent this it strikes me of double standards and that pisses me off.

    But to be condescendingly talked down to for pointing that out pi$$es me off even more. :pissedoff:
  12. I am with Ord_Sgt on this I to have seen similar things
  13. What, are you going to start walting about having a limb missing as well as not having cancer.

    Fucking mong.

    Get the fuck off of this site.
  14. What, are you going to start walting about having a limb missing as well as not having cancer.

    Fucking mong.

    Get the fuck off of this site.