Petition to save Parachute training

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The-Daddy, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. found this on a Canadian Mil website and never noticed it here. Its a petition to number 10 to reverse its decision to stop parachute training for the Parachute Regiment.

    I think all ARRSErs should sign this regardless of cap badge

    I did - ex RGJ
  2. That petition is like an Airborne Who's Who! Marvellous.
  3. Parachuting isn't being binned. It's just getting cut down to Bn and Coy level.
  4. FJ, I heard a rumour back here in Aldershot that they're talking about bringing the balloon back into service as a quick way of getting blokes up to date on the jumps, any truth in that, if so can I blag a chute!
  5. I think it's because it is cheaper then hiring coaches to take the blokes to Wattisham or Lyneham and then bringing them back to Colchester as well as the cost of flying the skyvan or herc. It would be alot simpler and cheaper to put a balloon up on abbey Fields which is 200m from the front gates of 2 & 3 Para's barracks.
  6. Parachuting in your Naafi break, beats eating meat pies and doing the crossword!
  7. im no airborne guru, however isnt this a smart move? how often do we use parachute trained troops?

    in todays ever changing climate its unlikely to be used again. in the rare event that they are used then there will be some that need to be trained and this is what is being proposed. so why pour loads of money where its not needed?

    obviously this is close to the paras hearts, and iv probly deeply offended some of them for talking such slander. i feel it makes sense. but im willing and open to be proved wrong
  8. I suppose the thing is that the Govt keep mothballing stacks of defence things (for want of a better phrase), the RN are having massive cutbacks, Regts being merged etc, where do you stop? Take Challengers away from armoured regts because the Taleban haven't got Russian T type tanks? They just keep eroding at everything that is good about the Forces and when the day comes that they'll be needed again which, if history has taught us anything they surely will, we may as well pack up and go home.
    A stand has to be taken somewhere and if that stand is parachuting then so be it, it has to start somewhere.
  9. So you are quite willing for the British Army to lose its Airborne capability. What for? so the money can be spent on asylum seekers, single teenage mothers, lazy chavs on the dole, ect ect. So what would go next after parachuting is binned? What service would be next in line for more cut backs?
  10. Happy to be of service. It's time someone took a stand against the steady erosion of our military capability.

    Oh, and by the way. I've never worn the Para badge, I'm ACF (Gunners and Yorkshire Regt.)
  11. Probably worth pointing out that the decision to stop parachute trg was not that of Number 10, but more as a result of a lack of money from Number 11 for Defence in general. We might be better off petitioning CDS/CGS? After all, they are the ones who reckoned something had to go and towards the bottom of their list of priorities was this capability - if they thought it important enough, they would have retained it and something else would have been for the chop.
  12. it would be quite nice to think if its taken from one area of the forces it would go back in somewhere else...

    no such luck, i dont trust the civvies in charge at whitehall/wherever they come up with these ideas, or the govt
  13. para training is part of the ethos of the Parachute Regiment. Its like the RGJ being told to start doing heavy drill FFS! :frustrated:
  14. Why not do a sponsored parachute jump. Sorry couldnt resist it.
  15. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I agree with the need for para trained forces (even if their chance of deployment using said techneque is v v small). It is a club in the golfbag. I disagree with your emotive reasoning of priorities but all in all, this is but a part of the larger picture.

    Unless the petition includes some line about money for more planes then this is a pipe dream. Operations must come first and if there really is no more money in the budget, then the priorities are obvious. Support operations - then train troops in an art that, frankly, has little utility anymore other than in the SF role.

    Helmet on