Petition to put the English back under Italian rule

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Virgil, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Since the Romans left this mess has been running up and down that nasty island, stirring up trouble in Europe and around the world.

    Five hundred years of Italian rule and they were docile sheep, except for the odd female Queen on her period.

    Responding means you've joined the petition.

  2. I'd have a look at how Italy is run nowadays, chaotic would be one word.
  3. I agree Virgil. If the wogs had stayed in charge. we'd have descent pizzas now. And despite their lack of empirical success within the last 1800 years and despite the fact of them being totally insignificant on the world stage, they are still arrogant and racist basta4rds. So if they were still in control, we wouldn't today have Kunta Kinti running up and down Tottenham High road, claiming the dole, dealing drugs, raping white women and claiming to be equal because scumbag traitors who have gained power are bringing them in and egging them on.
    Oh wait..look what happened to the Roman empire!!
    You want a bunch of peeps who couldn't handle an empire 1800 years ago, to be in power now???.

    Oh, ok, I have to admit that they didn't do any worse than the scum ruining Great Britain right now!
  4. To be honest, why the hell are we fighting and dying for a nation whose leaders are destroying our way of life?.
    We stand up and serve a nation which, while we are away fighting in its name, brings in every piece of shit from the world, so that our families can live in fear and work hard to pay taxes to support the very scum preying on them when they dare to go out.

    You don't like extra taxes, your family living in fear and overpopulation...then you are racist!!
    What kind of leadership would promote this bullshit??.
    Not a British one, that's for sure!

    So. who the hell has control of our country and is working hard to destroy it?
  5. I have lived in Italy, and believe you me, you wouldn't want their version of democatic anarchy. Would you like a dozen different police organisations, paramilitary police, and an inept, wasteful bureacracy

    We might have sh1t weather, but you can stick the rest of it (except the scoff)
  6. As opposed to PCSO's and Plod who shoot the wrong bloke/are crippled by paperwork/miss chances to nick a serial rapist and killer/delete where appropriate? 8O
  7. italian food rubbish. pasta is a complete cop out, pizza is just a posh pie! their institutions are corrupt, their blokes are greasy and who'd admit to driving a fiat?
  8. Pasta and pizza bashing?

    Obviously an upper-class English homosexual.
  9. Who say it was peacfull, Tacitus didn't. In Agricola he states that there were uprisings all over the country. He was a bit of a creep though as Agricola was his father in law
  10. The women though...*sigh*
  11. Pasta was introduced into Italy by Marco Polo on his return from China
    Pizza is an unfolded Cornish pastie
    Parma Ham came from Carmarthan, they stole the cureing method from the Welsh , and they had to keep a massive garrison here to protect their interests
  12. Well you didn't argue the homosexual allegation.
  13. The Roman bum fun don't rock my boat, but I quit like the idea of haveing a few nubile young female slaves arround the house
  14. And yet by 410 they were begging Honorius to bring back the legions.

    A translation of the request:

    Emperor Guido Honorius,

    Please send your brave Italian soldiers back to protect us from the Picts (Scottish).

    Trevor, Colin and Ian
  15. Being under Roman rule was better than haveing no rule, A number of African countrys would love to be recollanised