Petition to Prime Minister to return dedicated Mil Hospitals

Hi folks,

I was emailed this link by one of the lads and thought it would be worth posting. I am not sure if it has been posted before and I am not sure if signing the petition will make one bit of difference to this governments defence policy. These are not my words but I think generally, they hold true.

A justifiably worthwhile cause.

Please take the time to read below and act as your conscience dictates:

Please take one or two minutes to fill out the Downing Street Petition on behalf of our injured soldiers bearing in mind we all know what the damage of war can do. Our comrades returning from Iraq & Afghanistan with horrific injuries to a health care situation that is very hit or miss.

With our troops being deployed in greater numbers we must go back to the dedicated care that they fully deserve - so please lend your support to the petition to the Prime Minister on the Downing Street Petition Web Site. The petition is:

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring back dedicated Military Hospitals to provide adequate facilities (non NHS) for members of the Armed Forces who are injured or disabled in the course of their duties'

Please visit before the close on 6th August 2007 .

If you do sign you will receive an email from No 10 with a link to confirm your signature.

Cheers for the time fellas.
Already done it via a link from a similar thread on E-goat. Mind you, we ain't got a snowflake's chance in Hell of getting stand-alone, purpose-built military hospitals back. I just figured if we banged on enough about it we might be able to more robustly renegotiate with the Nastyold Health Service and make MDHUs into places fit to work in.

Just a thought...
I think that the closest we will get to a Military Hospital is to be given a whole floor at a new hospital in a place like Birmingham, possibly.
Filbert Fox said:
I think that the closest we will get to a Military Hospital is to be given a whole floor at a new hospital in a place like Birmingham, possibly.

I concur!.........In Arduis Fidelis


done anyway!
:slow: Although sound in proposition, unfortunately there are two options: extremely slim and absolute ZERO. :scratch:
Good cause. Duly signed and sent.
I have added my name to the petition.

I will now sit back and await the government's response.

Did this one previously.

It is always good to bring up this subject as many of us believe this is the only answer to the present and future woes of the DMS.

I even think the politicians believe in military hospitals but the purse string holders say 'no way'.

Headley Court is an example of what our soldiers need, a high quality medical facility in an appropriate setting for service patients. Big respect to all the staff at HC but the waiting time to get in there is a disgrace! The place should be expanded and the real estate updated. IMHO a wounded soldier should be evacuated from theatre directly to a military hospital and then transferred smoothly into a military rehab unit without any delay! This country owes it to our soldiers! Funny how no high profile MPs visit HC? Maybe it is inconvenient to see the real cost of war?
Bit of a yawn for you physical care types, but maybe we could get 'em to start by giving us a military in-patient mental health facility back? The Mental Health Hospital Unit in BFG has just closed and back in UK we continue to limp along with this tedious contract with the Priory Group of Hospitals.

Given the high profile mental health has got with the politicians, there might be a small degree of mileage in pressing for the re-birth of DKPH. Not in Catterick, (although privately I'd kill to get back there), but somewhere in the midlands, consistent with the M2M project or whatever it's called these days.

We suffer from repeated problems with service personnel 'cast adrift' to the private sector. Few but the actual architects of our current 'community' debacle would argue that there were inherent benefits - to the patients and to the Services - in having a military-owned-and-run mental health unit.

If we could reclaim that ground (oh look!...A pig just flew by my window!) other developments might follow (Another pig!...Actually, I think it was the same one!) for the bed-pan jockeys.

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