Petition to have Remembrance Bank Holiday

I Rxd and email today informing me that a petition has been accepted on the 10 Downing St website to ask the PM to create a Bankl Holiday the monday after Remembrance Day.

There are so far 152,000 signatures.

If this hasn't already had an airing on CA before then here is the clicky

Watch and shoot....
Hi, Woopert.

I understand that November 11th used to be a holiday in the UK up until the beginning of the secnd world war, at which point it was cancelled 'for the duration'.

It would be interesting to know how the other allied forces involved commemorate November 11th.

In France November 11th is still a holiday, no matter which day it falls on.

There is some discussion, however, that after the 100th anniversary, this will be discontinued.

The French also have a holiday on May 8th to commemorate the end of the war in Europe. Persumably they will think about cancelling that near to 2045.

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