Petition to have PDD reinstated

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lev iBellfield, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    It may disturb you to note that Peter Dow Disciple has been banned from these forums. I would like to start this thread as a petition to have him brought back. So if I could ask you all to post on this thread as a sign of your support. We can make the sight owners rectify this gross miscarraige of fairness.

    Thank you
  2. Good riddance to the cnut. And when they ban you under this name too.
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  3. He was a knob, as was PD, as are you. Good riddance. To the hole.
  4. Is it my imagination, or is there a rash of new threads by people lurking about or new, recently, talking utter shite? Levi. Fuck off.
  5. He was a knob so whats the prob
  6. Catchy. I like it.

    To the OP; No. Sod Off.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    What happened to the O2 tag? It seems to have vanished from the orbat and though a couple got tagged who probably deserved a second chance, it was a great way to police the tossers.
  8. PDD has gone??? When did this happen?

    How the hell did I miss this?

    Oh yeah, because he's a tool and I don't care - Lev iBellfield; kindly insert your face into a wood-chipper
  9. To the hole.
  10. He went for a wee holiday to Norway. He must like it as he hasn't come back?
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  11. Dear Lev,

    Thank you for your recent electronic communication. We particularly appreciated your reference to possessors of vision and I’m sure that the site owners will have noted it too.

    Unfortunately we don’t have any current vacancies for ignorant anal sphincter wipes at the present time, although your client’s level of experience in this area is very impressive. We will, however, keep your application on file and be sure to read it every time we need a bit of a laugh.

    Yours (and nobody else’s),

    ScouseD, MA (Oxon) BA (Baracus), Co-op, NAAFI Shop and Bar

    TheIronDuke (Forward Looking and Lovely Leader of ARRSE)
    Stacker1 (ARRSE Director of Agreeableness)
    TheGimp (Because I like his avatar)
    Kim 74 (Bitter Cow Who Got What She Deserved)
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  12. And I thought this needed another reply. Just in case the message gets missed.
  13. Sometimes it's necessary, nay desirable, to skip the tag and go for the full airstrike. If you've got it in the golf-bag, it's worth bringing it out occasionally.
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  14. Cant Afghan_Kandak not join him in the sin bin!
  15. Petitions are for AIDS ridden gypsies,PDD would agree,so fuck off.