Petition to disband the army

Does this person have any idea about anything?

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Clearly some tool off here, intent on making us look like dicks
What a load of Bull

Like some of the names though....anyone tried the phone number beside the name at the top? :lol:
In the current financial climate we cannot justify having three armed forces. The Army should be disbanded, their personnel should be divided between the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Money will be saved by transferring the The Army Air Corps assets to the Royal Air Force. In addition the ground units can be divided between the Royal Marines and the RAF Regiment. This will give substantial savings in the command structure with reduction of senior ranks without effecting ground troop numbers.
Current signatoriesGerald Farquhar, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Farquhar U. Cnut
C. Lee-Farquhar
VB Di-Oria
Anthony N Imby, Gray's Lane KT211BU
P. Enis
Brigadier Caubeen Retd
Ashtead Park Estate Management Company Ltd
Nimby Toss-Pot
Tom Neutron Dung aka Sun N D
I. Pulla-YerBolloxoff
Cpl John Smith SAS PARA RM SBS SO19
Major R Sole VD & scar
amanda hugnkiss
Hugh Jardon
Faye (moose) Turney
Mike Hunt
Maj Hue Janus
Watt A Twunt
General sir, dannet.
Hugh Jass
Dick Stroker
Petitioner must be RAF. They've always felt vulnerable
Farquhar's mincing boyfriend

Farquhar is my bitch now :lol:
That was mentioned on here around the time of Grays Lane, not sure where the link is.

Quite a few members bunged silly names onto it! :D
I am Lord Curly Wurly Burley. I have no idea why I chose it, I was just feeling extremely random.

walt_of_the_walts said:
If the petition was to Disband the RAF, it would no doubt have 50,000 signatures by now :roll:
If it was a petition to disband parliament it would have 50 million signatures by now.
minister_doh_nut said:
Clearly some tool off here, intent on making us look like dicks
Seconded. Clearly some people really have far too much time on their hands.
sorry about that "petition to disband the army" its my boy hes only 5 years old and he was messing around with the internet. You know kids they do anything for a laugh

I shall though tighten the parental locks on the internet and tell him off for trying to destablize the Armed Forces.

I hope nobody took this seriously you know these young kids when they put there mind to something they are hard to change
Anyone with a name like Farquar deserves a proper kicking.

Apologies to any decent Farquars out there.

None? I rest my case
I would have you know that the name Farquhar belongs to an ancient and honourable family (mine) that goes back hundreds of years and for the historical inepts a-mong-you southern shites, the clan Farquhar faught gallantly at the battle of pinkie in 1547 and the battle of Culloden in 1746 and beyond. Clan Motto "Fide Et Fortitudine". So feck off.

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