Petition the PM online

I have done a quick search, couldnt find this as having been posted before..

No10 have brought out (in November) a E-Petition Beta to allow you to petition the PM online. How good it is in swaying his view is another thing, but it is at least another way of getting your point across to a wider audience, I guess.

There are some fairly decent petitions on there, as well as ones like petition him to stand on his head and juggle icecream...

Ah well. :)

There are a few in the defence section worthy of note.

This one for example to preserve some of the Crabs' Heritage
Nice idea but internet petitions have slightly less effect than posting the target a nice letter asking them to change their mind if you please and thank you very much sir. Far better to annoy the hell out of your local MP until he or she takes some action just to shut you the hell up. The result, in my admittedly limited experience, is directly linked to the effort expended to achieve something and signing 'net petitions takes no effort at all.

Looks to me like a New Liebor public relations exercise. "We're listening to the British public" et cetera. Load of old bollix.
Fatbadge, I am sure it's another Govt. ploy to keep tabs on it's 'enemies'. And another thing, how good does it feel to have a good whine and bitch about some Govt. fcuk up reported in the media via the forums of ARRSE? Petitioning the PM online is a pacifyer... very clever. I could be wrong though. Maybe Bliar checks his 1000s of emails every night just before bed and will be shocked into making some favourable decisions such as: Spending our taxes more wisely and seeking a less dog-like missus.

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