Petition regarding the cessation of TA Trg last year

I signed it and have just received the following response:

More details from petition creator:

The Government has ordered the Territorial Army (TA) to stop all drill-hall instruction, weekend exercises and other training for six months.

Each year, the Territorial Army provides 1,200 troops to serve in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans.

While Britain is at war in Afghanistan, it is both misguided and wrong to stop all training for the TA's 35,000 members.

This is not the right way for the Government to make a financial saving.

Petition to: abandon the six-month halt to training in the Territorial Army. |

Government response:

Territorial Army routine training was reviewed and savings were identified as part of an in-year savings package during the last financial year. All routine training has now been reinstated and training programmes have resumed.

The Strategic Defence and Security review, published on 19 October, announced a 6-month review of the future structure and role of the Reserve Forces, to be led by General Sir Nick Houghton. That work will ensure that we make the most efficient use of their skills, experience and outstanding capabilities.

Note the use of the word 'outstanding'.


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Am I the only person who was disturbed by one of the results of SDSR being a realisation that there is a need for a 6 month study of the reserves. Shouldn't that have been part of the SDSR study in the first place.

Still at least it is being done unlike 1998 when there was no strategic thought on the reserves at all.

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