Petition on PMs Web site to abolish RAF

Mmmmmmmmmmmm three signatures thus far:

Mike ****, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Rob - revert to a fleet air arm and a royal flying corps
Rebeca Wells


War Hero
I have just added Bermondsey Dave (look at his job title)

Lets have a bit of sport & add some funnies. You can only ever use one email address for a single post. Lets see what funnies we can by teatime today. Can we get 25 ?


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She said you were crap.
I see Osama Bin Laden wants them abolished as well.
Provost_Marshal said:
Rebecca Wells? Not 'theee' Rebecca Wells?

I've had her.
Yes the smelly one with the acne that's the one


Spanner55 said:
Sign up to the petition on the PMS website to abolish the RAF and merge its functions and responsibilities with the Royal Navy and the Army. :thumleft:
As a ex-Crab I can honestly say with the backing of my fellow Crab Air bretheren here "You're avvin a laff!!"

Oh,are you related to Pentmong/Yannie/Warrent by any chance??

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