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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Rant time again. I signed a petition (Yes, I know) asking our squalid PM to:

    "Give the people of the UK the absolute right to fly the union flag from any building , without fear of council interference or accusations of racism".

    This, I thought, was a perfectly reasonable request, which could quite reasonably be answered by said squalid individual or his poo-in-pocket advisers with concision, precision and truth. This is what they came up with today:

    "The Government agrees that the Union flag is an important part of our national culture.

    There are currently 18 days each year on which the Union flag must be flown on Government buildings. These compulsory dates have been specifically set to mark special occasions by command of Her Majesty the Queen. While there is no formal definition of a Government building for this purpose, it is generally accepted to mean a building owned or used by the Crown and predominately occupied or used by Civil Servants or Her Majesty's armed forces.

    Individuals, local authorities and other organisations may fly the flag whenever they wish, subject to compliance with any local planning requirements. The Government certainly does not agree with anyone who discourages flying of the Union flag for fear of causing offence to others. As the petition rightly says, the flag is an important national symbol which we are proud to display. However, it is worth considering that flying the flag continuously might lessen its overall impact.

    What? "Impact"? WTF? Is the presentational aspect, the impression, the PR value, the perception more important than the principle?

    Yes, absolutely, in the values of the New Labour project managers.

    That man, his advisers and supporters, folks, would **** your **** for the prospect of a few more years in Power over you and I. Not only that, but they would ***** your ***** and ****** it with ice cream. These are not nice people.
  2. Isn't the union flag something used by the Americans during the civil war?

    (Try union JACK!)
  3. I believe that both are correct.

    She says so anyway.



    OK, I realise it has only been going a few months, but, can anyone tell me ANYTHING that has changed because of it?

    NO. so just ignore it like the politicians do with you......
  5. Totally agree. Good idea in concept, but then it was inundated with pointless petition that undermined the genuine grievences.

    I feel this is another pointless petition and i don't agree with it anyway.
  6. I think you will find the correct term is union flag - the use of union Jack I believe comes from the navy. Regardless - I fly the flag everyday from my house and I live in the Netherlands, locals love it, especially during the footy world cup/euros etc
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    The correct term is Union flag, it becomes the Union Jack when flown from the front of a Navy Ship that is at Anchor or tied up.

    Flying the flag of your country should be a right, protected by the government without the need for a petition.
  8. I am going to fly my countries flag everyday when I live in my own home.

    Anyone who wants me to take it down, can wait until I am dead.
  9. It is a Union Flag and only a 'jack' when flown by one of HM's Ships on the jackstaff at the pointed end of such a vessel.

    However, if Scotland leaves the Union and most of Ireland is already divorced therefrom, and the crosses of St Andrew and St Patrick are removed, then in Wales people will be expected to fly the cross of St George from public buildings on certain days.

    There is a cross of St David. It is, I believe and happy to be corrected, a gold cross on a black field (background).

    Why has this not been incorporated into the Union Flag.

    Is anyone clever enough to manipulate the software necessary to merge this cross onto a Union flag ?
  10. kind of mucks up "there aint no black in the union jack" :roll:
  11. Fair point ! Maybe I can persuade my fellow leek-munchers and sheep-admirers to make the colour dark blue.
  12. Yes but without the site it would mean politicians would have to get off their backsides and actually work for a living. They can just sit at home look at the site and claim their expenses. :twisted: