Petition - no more part time SoS Def

Please sign....keep the pressure up

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Require the Secretary of State for Defence to be the sole responsibility of a single Minister.
The complex and demanding brief of Defence cannot be handled by a minister who has other portfolios, such as the shared responsibility of Secretary of State for Defence and Secretary of State for Scotland. The role of Secretary of State for Defence must be a sole responsibility of a single Minister, otherwise it undermines decision-making ability and sends the clear message that defence is a part-time concern. We therefore call on the Prime Minister to reshuffle the Cabinet to reorganise the Defence portfolio so it is the sole responsibility of a single Minister, and to establish it as convention that this is to be the case henceforth.
Signed it :D

I cant beleive they still have not changed that! with Afghan and Iraq still ongoing....then again with this government....not much of a suprise really.

We do not know if this cynical Government pays any attention at all to the e-Petitions. I do suspect that they are intended simply as a palliative, simply to placate the irate electorate into thinking they have done something, and that something might actually happen.

However, we can be certain that if we do nothing, then nothing will happen.
Bleedin pointless though, as they have as much respect for us, as I do for them.
Done it too, however, will they change it, not in this life time!

When will the lot of the Armed Forces be taken seriously by any in either New Labour or Whitehall, all protected from the pain the forces face!

As for that DIP they have as Veterans Minister (YES Prime Minister!
The sad thing is the MOD has to pay his full ministerial salary, not bad for a part time job eh?

Editted to add:

The Scottish office have to pay fcuk all for their part time minister.

Maybe we should ask the question, why this govt. deems the armed forces unworthy of it's own minister? And does the MoD building now have a Scotish office?

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