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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ganymede, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. This will achieve nothing! Stop crying about it and take it on the chin like a man!
  2. And that helps how?
  3. For F@cks sake not another thread on this...... Dry your eyes and move on.
  4. Glad you agree how would a petition help?
  5. Those of you hard of thinking. (Perhaps I should have spelled it out for the Corps. Will be available in pictures soon) The intent was that instead of wasting time bitching about the situation here and elsewhere, register your views on the petition and move on.
  6. Well, I could take it like a man, on the chin, and keep silent, and let them assume they can do what they want as none of us care.

    Or I could register my protest.

    Think I'll register my protest AND take it on the chin....
  7. Look i'm not having a pop at you guys for the protest...thats not the case at all...The link to the petition is doing the rounds on at least another three threads...Now i can see due to further posts your intent.

    Its just the amount of moaning/Whines about the whole issue...The Labour Gov at the moment will not take any notice of any petiton anyway.....Not as if they care about Armed forces in general is it?

    And Ganymede if you read my Sig blog..No i'm not in a Corp.
  8. but he does look like a chef!
  9. you been stalking me ? 8O
  10. Yup even got a job at the same place as you! Although surprised that no-one on here has commented on an ex ocdt of ours standing against John Smeaton in the by election!
  11. Ex never noticed..mind you when the name Smeaton turns up....LOL
  12. meh take it on the chin, you know what im gonna do?

    attend all the non paid drill nights
    and the remembrence parde

    quite frankly i love the TA so much im more than willing most of it for free
  13. 4,208 signatures now and rising. I have emailed about 20 people and asked them to sign.

    We are now sandwiched between LDV and Analogue Radio

    Save LDV - Save Jobs in UK and the Environment - 4578 signatories
    Abandon the six-month halt to training in the Territorial Army - 4208 signatories
    Halt the proposed Analog Radio Switch-Off - 4126 signatories
  14. The sharp end need the cash, its that simple. A cut had to come somewhere, and if you think that people training for courses that are not in support of Ops is more important than the welfare of the people on the wrong end of flying bullets then you are sadly misled.
    Training in support of Operations is still going ahead and if the course is Operationally important you will get paid!!!
    I need a course so I qualify for my bounty this year seems to be the warcry at the moment.