Petition - Indulgence Flights to FI for veterans

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by still21inmymind, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. A petition has been launched to campaign for the introduction of Indulgence Flights to the Falkland Islands, for the benefit of veterans returning on pilgrimages:

    Full details of the rationale behind the petition are given on the page linked above.

    Your support and signatures would be appreciated.
  2. Totally agree 21, however, getting indulgence flights to and from anywhere is a nightmare at the minute, for obvious reasons.
  3. True, and even if you are able to it is still a gamble for the return flight, but nothing ventured etc. There are 3 direct(ish) flights per week at the mo, not sure what %ge of these are RAF, it tells you on the FI Tourism website.
  4. Where I am, both ways are chocka.

    I think usually there are about 2-3 seats per flight.
  5. Less demand (at the mo) down south, but we all know how quickly things can change. I'll be there in November, so if any pampas pounding pr1ck puts paid to my pilgrimage strong words will ensue.
  6. My bold 21. Gone along time ago.......
  7. htb, sorry mate, don't follow you, do you mean some scrote has nicked the pampas?
  8. I have the utmost respect for all veterans; however, we are in danger of getting to the point of petition overload.

    I understand I am treading on eggshells on a very emotive subject (especially for those who fought), however, what other theatre of ops do we allow indulgence?

    Sorry to upset, I just feel that we should keep our powder dry for winnable battles as opposed to creating a petition for every individual grievance.

    If this has come out all wrong, sincere apologies
  9. No offence taken, and I hear what you are saying, but I see no harm in asking individuals to sign if they wish.
    I would hate to see a full ARRSe mobilisation a la Grays Lane, for what is as you rightly say a single interest group, far better we hold our hands until a worthy, tri-service need arises.
    Locally the Malaya and Borneo Vets Assn recently ceased business due to dwindling numbers, and with the exception of them, no other campaign with surviving participants is as geographically distant, which makes it a real ballache to get to (fast & expensive or slow & cheap, and for cheap read £920) hence the hope for indulgence flights.
  10. Long gone mate.

    Had UNICOM. Now gone.

    Now JPA. Sh1te.

    Bring back PAMPAS!
  11. Grone!
    I never even heard that one go over my head, mind you I'd dekitted before PAMPAS even started.
  12. Agreed (and I have signed)

    However, we still have veterans from:

    Korea, Suez, Aden, Africa (take your pick) and other less publicised places who will have ghosts of their own and I feel a campaign for all as opposed to several individual quests would be better supported and have more chance of success.

    I am waffling on Warstiener by the way
  13. CAARPS, thanks for the signature, forgot about Korea.
    I'm a Herfy fan myself, though have sunk enough wobbly in my time to drown a herd of cows.
  14. Don't sweat it CAARPS. I do it most nights :D

    Wobbly, mmmmmmmmmmmmm