Petition For Stamps To commemerate Milutary Dead

Just read on the BBC website about an artist who has created an art piece for the Imperial war Museum. The piece involves postage stamps with the faces of those personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has been put to the Royal Mail that this would be a good way of remembering those who have have sacrificed ther lives for this country. The Royal Mail are dithering over whether they will do it or not. If you think it is a good idea you can sign a petition to be handed to the Royal Mail here:

The full story can be read here:
Just another idea for someone, artist and Post Office, to cash in on the war. I think it's a terrible idea as the relatives of those killed would have a constant reminder which would make their grieving more difficult. The best method of honouring those who have dide in thses (and other) wars would be to pay those now serving a wage that reflects the service thay are giving to their country.
Don't let the truth get in the way of a good rant Cmanx.

this is what the Royal Mail had to say on the subject

The Royal Mail has so far declined the idea of issuing the stamps, saying it believes a period of reflection is needed.
On the face of it, without much consideration, it seems a pleasant way to pay respect. Several seconds of thought later, however, the thought is somewhat differant.

"Postage stamps? These brave souls died in the name of our nation, and the y and their families are rewarded by comemorative postage stamps? Is this a joke?"

It's a bit insulting, don't you think? Postage stamps are for monarchs, jubilee's, pretty pictures of flowers, sporting events, and british wildlife. Not for soldiers KIA.

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